Patriot, Survivalist & Troublemaker Links

Last updated on 01/03/18

This is a list of a few Patriot and Troublemaker links I’ve collected. I don’t agree with everything that’s in all of them, but each and every one of them has information that you as a Patriot can learn from and they all have a lot of thoughts and ideas that I agree with. If they ain’t listed here, there’s probably a reason.

One of these days I’ll put ’em all in alphabetical order…..

Liberty and Lead 2.0
The Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse
Political Clown Parade
Mason Dixon Survivalist Association
Coalition to Stop Vilifying Guns
Old School Tech
Starving The Monkeys
Middle of the Right
The Lizard Farmer
The Tactical Hermit
The War on Guns
Walter Zoomie’s World
Irons in the Fire
The Patriot Post
The Virginia Freeman’s Society
Western Rifle Shooters Association
Come and Make it
Sipsey Street Irregulars
The Lonely Libertarian
Christian Mercenary
NC Renegade
Peace or Freedom
Stop shouting!
90 Miles From Tyranny
The Defensive Training Group
The Voices In My Head
The Squirrel’s Nest
Forward Observer
Mason Dixon Tactical LLC
Outpost of Freedom
Reality Check
summer patriot, winter soldier
Spurs Realm
The Bearded Backyarder

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    bryan kinsel harlan: The American hunter who made the polemic kills the makhor

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