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From the comments

This was a comment from Grandpa on my Anniversary/Year In Review post. Him and Lineman both were Sammy supporters when we started this shit, they ain’t no more for the reasons stated below. Woo hoo, that right there is fun. … Continue reading

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From the desk of JC Dodge

As I have told you a number of times in the past. There is one primary reason for writing posts that point out the issues I have with what Christian Kerodin has done and said. That is to make everyone … Continue reading

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JC takes Short Sammy down another couple notches

MORE I was a member of the Board of Directors of the IIIPS when Kerodin proposed that pay scale and can verify what JC says is true. I can also attest to the fact that when he brought up salary … Continue reading

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When pussies threaten your women

So how do you handle a veiled threat? Men, how would you handle a veiled threat to your significant other? Do you spout off at the mouth with threats that have no force behind them, and that cannot be acted … Continue reading

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Oh, horseshit.

You haven’t been to any of our sites for almost a year? You hit my site every day. Every. Fucking. Day. Just how stupid do you think your readers are? Remember, you Nervous Holly took me to court 6 months ago … Continue reading

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And I wake up to this:

Sent in by Jeremy: “Kenny is the stereotypical schoolyard bully who is willing to run his mouth so long as the entire playground is between him and his target. Close that gap and he’s merely a frightened cunt. I know … Continue reading

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SJWs In Our Midst

From George Patton: I am really trying to ignore Sam Kerodin. I don’t think he’s worth our time. I’ve been pretty light on posting, but promise over the next few weeks to post more often, with a lot of useful … Continue reading

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Methinks thou bullshit too much – The Kerodin v Lane debacle

For Sammy, that is. I’ve been looking forward to it for a l-o-n-g time. Okay, this is a long overdue post and I’ve been wanting to do it since my first court date but my lawyer, the one that I … Continue reading

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