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Damn, everybody is fucking with Sammy

And everybody apparently hates the little prick as much as I do. Check out the tags on the post below the picture. HERE -Keith

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Does this not describe Sammy to a tee?

Too bad he doesn’t have the balls or ass to back up his mouth.

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Happy Anniversary, Sammy!!!

Well, it’s been 2 years since the judge issued his decision from when Nervous Holly & Li’l Sammy Kerodin took me to court for a restraining order and a $10,000 lawsuit because me, JC Dodge, WiscoDave, Jim Miller, Angel, and … Continue reading

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PO Box added and my hometown

After several emails from folks wanting to donate money to me but don’t do paypal, I finally broke down and got a PO box today. Believe me, I don’t want to hold you up if you insist on sending me … Continue reading

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Sorry, I saw this and couldn’t help but think of Kerodin

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Sammy’s Sleazy Bullshit II

Continuing from comments of mine he refused to post yesterday… Instead of the comment I posted in yesterdays post-he posted this response… “No, Larry – it is you. You were told not to bother responding here – go post drivel … Continue reading

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And now Starvin’ Larry slams Kerodin

Since Scammy is too much of a pussy to allow me to respond-here’s the comment he refused to post… MORE ***** Sammy comes down on me because I don’t post abusive comments, but now it’s his turn. Here’s one HE … Continue reading

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Morning, Sammy

Sent in by a non-existent person – in Sammy’s eyes. He claims nobody has ever been hurt by his bullshit? Angel was one. Apparently she doesn’t count. Kerodin’s new nickname is If I repeat it enough it must be true … Continue reading

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Thank you

I said a few thank yous in my Anniversary post the other day, but I don’t think I got it exactly right. Miss Lisa and I want to thank each and every one of you for your prayers and moral … Continue reading

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It’s been a year now since I publicly broke ties with Kerodin and I figured a Year In Review post might be fun. Because Sammy’s such a serious fuck-up this post is long with a lot of links to illustrate … Continue reading

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Leaderless Resistance

You’ve seen us use the term “leaderless resistance.” We accept that there are connotations within that many find unpalatable. In fact, leaderless resistance is seen as a concept “which encourages small, independent cells to commit violent acts.” That was not, … Continue reading

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From the desk of JC Dodge

As I have told you a number of times in the past. There is one primary reason for writing posts that point out the issues I have with what Christian Kerodin has done and said. That is to make everyone … Continue reading

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We all have that one ex…

Which brings us back to Mr. Kerodin. He had tried to mirror the sentiments of the III% while using tactics and verbiage of a failed recycled christian identity/nazi platform. He got predictable results. His language was the same as Martins. … Continue reading

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Cancer for profit – according to Kerodin

Evidently Mike isn’t dying fast enough to suit Kerodin. Still attacking a dying man. Classy. And just nasty/ugly. Kerodin’s “Igor,” the psychopath douche who trolls under the handle “Cav Med,” and some other steaming stool sample signing as “Not an … Continue reading

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Update – 3 cops dead in Louisiana

BATON ROUGE – Police have closed streets between Baton Rouge Police Headquarters and I-12 where law enforcement officers have been shot. Sources say two Baton Rouge Police officers and one East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office deputy are dead following the … Continue reading

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Methinks thou bullshit too much – The Kerodin v Lane debacle

For Sammy, that is. I’ve been looking forward to it for a l-o-n-g time. Okay, this is a long overdue post and I’ve been wanting to do it since my first court date but my lawyer, the one that I … Continue reading

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