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Credibility and shit

Anybody that claims to be a teacher or preacher better know what the fuck he’s talking about. You better walk the walk as well as talk the talk or you ain’t shit in the eyes of people that know more … Continue reading

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That’s some low class shit right there

SKIPPED TOWN????? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Public records can be a bitch sometimes, especially when you try to portray yourself as a fine upstanding Patriot that’s always preaching about how open and honest he is. The Maryland court records are full of him … Continue reading

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Credentials? We don’t need no steenkin’ credentials!

Kerodin’s martial arts experiences (in his or Holly’s words): Shichi Toku Aiki Bujutsu Pretty damned impressive, ain’t it? Did you happen to notice anything that wasn’t in there? Like credentials or ranking from a recognized authority for all those studies? … Continue reading

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