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Happy Anniversary, Sammy!!!

Well, it’s been 2 years since the judge issued his decision from when Nervous Holly & Li’l Sammy Kerodin took me to court for a restraining order and a $10,000 lawsuit because me, JC Dodge, WiscoDave, Jim Miller, Angel, and … Continue reading

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Sammy? You finally unveiling the Short Bus?

Berkeley is bracing itself for another day of potentially disruptive rallies that might break out in violence. Members of a number of far-right groups have said they are planning to hold a demonstration at Civic Center Park, some gathering at … Continue reading

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When the shit hits the fan

For quite a while I got into reading TEOTWAWKI novels and I read quite a few. Some of them were very good and most were entertaining but I was reading them as novels – works of fiction. They were written … Continue reading

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