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Calling Sam Kerodin, calling Sam Kerodin…

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Inspired by Kerodin?

The Southern District of New York (SDNY) has announced criminal charges against attorney Michael Avenatti (full complaint pdf below) for attempting to extract more than $20 million in payments from Nike Corp, a publicly traded company, by threatening to use … Continue reading

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Ooooh, the evil ‘Ghost Gun’…

Investigators in New Jersey looking into a cocaine trafficking operation say they inadvertently uncovered something much more deadly: a “ghost guns” dealership. What is a “ghost gun”? New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal says they are assault rifles that … Continue reading

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Here ya go, Sammy – this one’s for you

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Maybe Sammy should apply

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Damn, everybody is fucking with Sammy

And everybody apparently hates the little prick as much as I do. Check out the tags on the post below the picture. HERE -Keith

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That’s one way to make sure nobody borrows your tools

AMONG THE ESPIONAGE ARTIFACTS ON display at the International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C., is the rectal tool kit: a tightly sealed, pill-shaped container full of tools that could aid an escape from various sticky situations. This gadget was issued … Continue reading

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Sammy finally put the Short Bus to use

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When you buy garbage from Sammy

Actually, it jamming is probably the fault of those Thermold magazines he was trying to push off as top of the line equipment at one time, along with the Rothco airsoft crap.

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Concealed Carry Don’ts

Don’t be like Sam Kerodin who used to run training classes with a Browning Hi Power blue trainer in a holster made for a 1911. Seriously, he did that. Yes, he is a dumb fuck.

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Is III Arms, Home of Blue Gun Sammy, back in business?

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III Arms customers honor Kerodin

In his dreams – after his gunsmith quit on him because Sammy couldn’t quit running his mouth, I doubt III Arms sold a single firearm, even with an 80% lower.

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The Final Resting Place of Kerodin’s Short Bus

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Sammy gets the attention he craves

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Kerodin finally came through with the citadel

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And we can’t forget Kerodin on this day…

-The gang

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Sammy’s house the day after we exposed him

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Kinda reminds me of the WiscoDave/Sammy incident

The first 3 minutes is just a bunch of fake shit of a martial arts ‘master’ showing off his alleged skills. Skip ahead to the 3 minute mark to watch him get his ass handed to him. It reminds me … Continue reading

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Does this not describe Sammy to a tee?

Too bad he doesn’t have the balls or ass to back up his mouth.

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