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Shit, everybody’s slamming Sammy

Larry stood in next to this vicious little fag until the evidence of his duplicitous douche baggery was overwhelming I have had personal dealings with Larry and I can tell you a few things about him (Or not) Larry is … Continue reading

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Sammy? Your turn, bitch.

Angel’s got the questions. Sammy’s got the answers. HERE

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It’s been a year now since I publicly broke ties with Kerodin and I figured a Year In Review post might be fun. Because Sammy’s such a serious fuck-up this post is long with a lot of links to illustrate … Continue reading

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That’s some low class shit right there

SKIPPED TOWN????? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Public records can be a bitch sometimes, especially when you try to portray yourself as a fine upstanding Patriot that’s always preaching about how open and honest he is. The Maryland court records are full of him … Continue reading

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