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Five years ago I would’ve thought this was a joke

But now I can believe that not only is it real but she’ll probably get the fucking job. Wanna guess what will be #1 on the Hit Parade? You guessed it – Patriot groups and organizations because we’re ‘racists’. ***** … Continue reading

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Now that’s my class of babe

Drinking out of a brown wrapper and fucked up in the middle of the day.  

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Mid morning cutie

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That boy is already ruined

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Trained him like a dog, huh? My dog bit me last week.

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Do as I say…

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Fun on the subway

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Hot stuff with a toy gun

Y’all can thank AbbyS for this one.  

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Wirecutter – The Early Years

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That was the only thing that made the hype worth it

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Tactissy Actually a pretty good page – not just a babe with a gun but some good gun talk on there too.

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I go with “What are you, fucking stupid?”

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I’d swear I dated these sisters before…….

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My secret to good health and a long life

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Somebody just got felt up

  Oh wait, never mind. I see that’s in San Francisco, the world’s safest place for babes.

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Prepping for GSWs

The purpose of survival culture is to assess and address probabilities and uncertainties, and of course, prepare accordingly.  We view assumption as the greatest Achilles Heal of humanity, and disdain attitudes of complacency, apathy, and general stupidity.  For us, wide … Continue reading

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Hang in there, men. Milf reinforcements are here.

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I’m sure there’s a reason…

…but I don’t wanna know.  

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Yeah, you’ll wear that fight for a while.

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You can tell we’re a close knit family, huh?

I read on Facebook that yesterday was my granddaughter’s 21st birthday. Damn, they grow up so fast – especially when you don’t see or talk to them.

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