Dove hunting back then

dove huntingIt was not an uncommon sight at all back when I was a little fucker to see cars parked every hundred yards or so along dirt roads and everybody in the family shooting dove in the evening time.


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  1. D S Craft says:

    Early 60’s Plymouth Valiant. Body style from 1960 to 1962.

  2. charles w says:

    I went to high school in Longmont, Co. Dudes used to bring their shot guns to school to go hunting after school. How times have changed. We never had a school shooting as a result.

  3. I remember that. Thanks.

  4. anonymous says:

    Whitewing hunting was (and sorta still is) an event in south Texas. That was back when citrus groves and palm tree lined dirt roads were common – Good Times! Two hard freezes (1989 the 1st one) killed a lot of those orchards and the farmers instead sold the land for development. We still have some groves but nowhere near what it used to be. Urban sprawl – ugh!

    Still plenty of bird hunting the 1st and 2nd weekend of September, the cost of shotgun ammunition and lack of places to hunt sort of cut it down some.

    Thank you for the picture.

    • Boone says:

      About 30 years ago, picture half a dozen of us in a ’77 Caprice Classic with shotguns between our knees, pre-dawn on our way to the dove field. Somehow, we wound up transiting through one of the gates at Millington Naval Air Station on our way there. Guard didn’t even stop us as we entered, just waved us through after a glance. Wonder if that still happens. ;-)

  5. buzz1949 says:

    I absolutely love the way the girl in the back is holding her weapon. Those were the days my friends.

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