Read and learn, folks.

From Battlefield USA:

I’m not taking sides here unless I have reputable source telling me otherwise.

But let’s face the facts here, as we (I) know them. Oath Keepers ran (most of them) while the various Militias stayed.

Let us also face another fact here. Oath Keepers, by their own admission, are not, and do NOT want, to be known as a Militia. They are cheerleaders for the constitution, by word of mouth, speeches, and campaign signs. Nothing else. That is the meat they proclaim.

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3 Responses to Read and learn, folks.

  1. frit bat says:

    old but good.

    leaperman…shamelessly plugging Tom

  2. Dumbplumber says:

    My only experience with the Oath Keepers is that they are a bunch of gun cleaning, shell jacking, former military and law enforcement officers, well ensconced in their retirement plans, who talk big and carry NO stick. I notice that NO currently serving military officers have any opinions about the Oath of Office, nor will they until ‘after’ they retire.

    Must be nice to hold such high regards for our Oath of Office, after the pensions kick in.

    Long story short, if you’re not part of the answer, you’re part of the problem.

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