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These are mysteriously appearing all over the midwest

Thanks to…. um, never mind.

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Your job is bypassing the Constitutional way?

President Obama angrily conceded Monday that Congress would not overhaul immigration laws this year and announced that he will redirect immigration enforcement efforts to the border. The action — intended to help stem a recent influx of minors crossing the … Continue reading

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David the City Boy

My buddy David was born here in the valley but after his mom moved down south to Los Angeles, David followed her down when he was about 14 because he couldn’t stand his stepmom and her kids. He ended up … Continue reading

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White Trash BDSM

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Titties and kitties

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Another reason to dump your smartphone

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Gotta be California (again)

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Where’s my free shit, yo?

DETROIT (WWJ) – Several people protested outside the Detroit Water And Sewerage Department building Thursday, saying customers are having service cut off at an alarming rate and the practice is inhumane. Organizer David Bullock with the Change Agent Consortium says … Continue reading

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Why I lost my job at the TV station…..

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Junkyard dog in training

CharlieGodammit has that junkyard dog ear thing going on too. If he’s pissed or wants something real bad, that left ear stands straight up.

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Fuck you, Greg.

I used to have a sign on my front door that said ‘Go Away’. I didn’t give a fuck who you were, I wasn’t in the mood for company.

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Watch out ya don’t step on a cactus

The rainfall year that ends Monday looks to be the 10th-driest in the 125 years on record for Modesto. The final numbers are not in for the Sierra Nevada snowpack, which supplies much of the Northern San Joaquin Valley’s water, … Continue reading

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Your favorite Westerns

I’m in the mood to watch a good western and while I was trying to make up my mind as to which one, it hit me that I’ve seen a hell of a lot of westerns but then again, who … Continue reading

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It’s true, I’m old.

Yeah man, it’s a sure sign of age when your morning shit takes longer than your shower. Morning shit – anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes depending on how involved in the book I’m reading. Shower – 5 minutes, maybe … Continue reading

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Especially when buying by the case

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Babes ain’t got shit on beards

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I can beat that, hands down.

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Fuck marshmallows

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Why didn’t she wipe it’s ass like everybody else in NYC?

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Officer Friendly kills man’s dog

Sent in by Jeffery with these remarks: It would seem that if a perpetrator can be charged with a crime for killing a police dog in the line of duty, that an officer could be charged with a crime for … Continue reading

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