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The truth comes out

-Sent in by Sig

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See? There IS somebody for everybody!

OHIO COUNTY, W. Va. – (KDKA) – A couple from Washington County could be facing charges after a bizarre incident Tuesday morning. According to police, a naked man was allegedly being led around on a dog leash by a fully … Continue reading

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5.56 NATO vs 223 Remington

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Meanwhile, in San Francisco…

All I want to know is just who in the fuck is Owen?

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Another government ‘gift’?

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So go the fuck back home, Saul.

WASHINGTON (WNEW) — A 15-year-old immigrant from El Salvador testified before a congressional panel Tuesday claiming that he was mistreated by border officials. The teen identified as Saul told the Congressional Progressive Caucus during an ad-hoc hearing that his time … Continue reading

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What. The. Fuck.

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In 5 years you’ll be all over that shit, son.

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I just now got a jury summons – for today, postmarked yesterday. No shit, for today. Not only that but last time I had jury duty a few years ago, they were issuing arrest warrants on the spot for folks … Continue reading

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Another reason to dump your smartphone

Over the past 12-18 months, there’s been an increased level of scrutiny applied to the various ways local, state, and federal law enforcement officials track and monitor the lives of ordinary citizens. One tool that’s come under increasing fire is … Continue reading

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Yeah well, we tried…

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Wirecutter – The Teen Years

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Oklahoma. It’s gotta be.

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Trying to prove they’re not totally worthless?

In another example of how the Department of Homeland Security has expanded far outside the purview of its original function, six vehicles full of DHS agents were required to seize a Land Rover from a couple in Statesville, N.C. due … Continue reading

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I told you cops are pussies at heart

Either as a result of their hyper-acute sense of smell, or an instinctive ability to decipher behavioral cues, dogs have an uncanny ability to detect fear. Owing to the relentless indoctrination they undergo regarding the primacy of “officer safety” and … Continue reading

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Bundy protesters Fostered?

2 militia members who protested at the Bundy ranch are dead, one from a hunting accident and the cause of the other death is ‘undetermined’, according to former state trooper and whisteblower, Greg Evensen. MORE Sent in by livin to … Continue reading

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Another “Aw Fuck” moment in time

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Wirecutter – The Early Years

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Aw, welcome to our world!!!

NEW YORK — Revelations over the past few years about how U.S. security officials have the ability to track people through phone, email and other electronic records are making it harder for journalists to report on what the government is … Continue reading

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