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And this surprises you.

A year ago this New Year’s Eve, John Filippidis of Florida was driving south with his family on Interstate 95 when the Maryland Transportation Authority Police pulled over his black Ford Expedition and proceeded to raid it while his twins, … Continue reading

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Gearing up

The federal government shipped nearly 4,000 more assault rifles to local law enforcement agencies in the three months following the Ferguson riots, marking a huge surge in the amount of lethal firearms being doled out to police and sheriff’s offices. … Continue reading

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Cold, ain’t it?

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Top of the world

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Yeah, I ain’t bleeding from the eyeballs yet.

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What’s your mom look like, kid?

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One for the Ladies

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It’s the 1st sentence that counts, darlin’. You done fine.

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And he was headed to town…

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One I wish I could remember

New Year’s Eve. It’s really about the only night we have to celebrate just to be getting fucked up. And man, have I gotten fucked up on New Years Eve before. I got so fucked up New Years 1980 that … Continue reading

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Stop. You’re scarin’ me.

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In case you need to calm the fuck down

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Sneak a peek

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Actually that seems pretty reasonable

For a place that’s charging you the same price for a fucking cup of coffee.  

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Get some, darlin’.

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Mishap in San Francisco

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Damn, Mom… that’s a bigun.

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Looks like our loading dock last Friday

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