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Safe queen

It would not surprise me one bit to find out this gun’s never been fired.

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Even the Germans are getting in on it

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2000 ‘kids’ a month – and it’s not even surging?

More than 2,000 illegal immigrant children continue to arrive in the U.S. each month, according to Department of Homeland Security statistics compiled by the Center for Immigration Studies. While more illegal immigrant children are entering the country this fiscal year … Continue reading

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Somebody yell ‘Snake’

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Father of the Year

“Look! There’s a quarter right there!!!”

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Everything must go!

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Ceres Walmart. I’ll bet you money.

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If your day wasn’t fucked up enough

These are recent pictures of Tara Reid of American Pie, or what’s left of her, anyways. She claims she’s just ‘naturally thin’. Uh huh. Just like Karen Carpenter. Article and more concentration camp photos HERE Those aren’t ribs in this … Continue reading

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This is what you get when you vote republican – or democrat for that matter

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush stated that he is “nervous” about criticism of the NSA and that he wished the president would do a better job defending government surveillance systems on Monday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show.” Bush said that lone wolf … Continue reading

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Fuck The World

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Dat ass

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Summer in the high country

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While Pedro and his family snuck in 500 yards away…

No drugs or would-be immigrants were hidden in the sedan that rolled up to a Border Patrol checkpoint on a Southern California highway last week, but within 90 seconds the driver was handcuffed. His 4-year-old boy was crying. And a … Continue reading

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Lice, bedbugs, fleas, roaches and black widows. I wonder what else lives up in there?

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Make and calibers anybody?

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Put it to work, girl.

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That’s just a target for a doublejack

Particularly if he hit my fucking truck with those.

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“I thought those were urinals, ma’am.”

I can’t get past the urinals long enough to comment about a vagina waiting room.

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