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“Take another, son. We’ll find you a mum yet.”

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Jim Miller – The Army Years

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Just so ya know – from foodgrower

Things that go bump in the night He that toils dawn to dusk misses out on the huntin’ and fishin’ Assuming I author more articles, which is likely considering Wirecutter has asked if I could, I need to get something … Continue reading

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Smith & Wesson: “Thanks, Obama.”

The story HERE

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Does Bill know me or what?

Bill’s Custom Wood Products Now how fucking cool is this? A house sign for my new home in Tennessee from Bill. I think he nailed it, don’t you? Bill can do damned near anything you want with a nice variety … Continue reading

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Kerodin stepping down as IIIPS community organizer

Kerodin just announced at noon today that he’s stepping down as IIIPS president and is scheduling elections for board positions in December. I take it this means the audit is cancelled? Me and the boys are claiming the victory. Sam’s … Continue reading

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Maybe the bathroom in the attic wasn’t such a great idea

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Big Kisses!

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Another “Aw Fuck” moment in time

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The Bieb?

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What the fuck?

Your country’s gotta have some fucked up air if you’re using a dirty sock as an air freshener. And is that a snake laying across the dash?

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Employee of the Month sure got a fucked up parking spot

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“Another beer, Carl?” “Yep, might as well.”

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Gangsta as fuck

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Looks like Pedro needs practice

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This is cool

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