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It’s a small small world


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Now you know where the little bastards hide

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Forever young

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Sammy told the truth for once!!! Group hugs!!!

Photo removed The place has been rented, the sign’s up and it looks like he’s doing a booming business with all 2400 of Saint Maries lining up at the door! I wonder what the interior looks like, what the condition … Continue reading

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Hmmm, this looks a lot like my friend Zach…..

Maybe there’s something about Zach we don’t know.

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Meme of the Year

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Somebody’s got a crush on the instructor…

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That’s some low class shit right there

SKIPPED TOWN????? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Public records can be a bitch sometimes, especially when you try to portray yourself as a fine upstanding Patriot that’s always preaching about how open and honest he is. The Maryland court records are full of him … Continue reading

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WiscoDave, take heed.


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The book Okies tried to have banned from libraries

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When midgets go bad

An angry dwarf has been jailed after sticking a sucker dart on his head and threatening to kill two carers while impersonating a Doctor Who Dalek. Ian Salter-Bromley, 55, filled his mouth with dominoes before shouting ‘Exterminate! Exterminate!’ in a … Continue reading

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No, Angel. No.

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Y’all have seen several posts here concerning Sam and Holly Kerodin’s house, namely that it still hadn’t sold yet so just how in the hell did they finance their move and set up housekeeping in Idaho? We spent a couple … Continue reading

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We’re down to the wire now

We’re down to the final day of the Kilted To Kick Cancer fundraiser which our good friend and fellow Patriot Dennis has taken an active part in. By that I mean he’s been running around in a kilt for the … Continue reading

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And now for your local farm report…

Gross income for Stanislaus County farmers hit a record $4.4 billion in 2014, according to a report Tuesday that also noted increased production costs. High prices for almonds, milk and cattle accounted for most of the 20 percent jump in … Continue reading

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To Serve…..


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Don’t be that snowflake, Sammy

Kerodin’s latest thing is making snide remarks on his blog and in the comments of others about ‘those that do and those that type’. I laugh every time I see that shit because the motherfucker is so full of himself … Continue reading

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Bare bones

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