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Another “Aw Fuck” moment in time

Fuck, even I know you don’t pull a stump or a boulder downhill.

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And shoulder belts too!!!

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III Arms tacticool shit?

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Wirecutter – The Retirement Years

I know in my heart it’s not going to be true retirement, I’m going to have to get at least a part time job but for once in my life I want to find something that I like to do, … Continue reading

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Jedburgers on parade

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The AR Platform For Dummies

Here’s a nice two part article on the basics of the AR platform. All too often we assume that everybody else knows what we know about a particular subject and that just ain’t so, particularly when it comes to the … Continue reading

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As I laugh my ass off….. Full story and a picture of the reporter (and tits) he was referring to HERE

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Oh yeah, that looks much nicer

Actually, I think she’s trying to make a strong statement but she may have gone a little overboard if you ask me. I had my ex’s name covered with a black rose – I got it covered and got my … Continue reading

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To keep weed and hash in

Fuck, that was easy enough for me but I can remember when they were made of aluminum with a screw on top.

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Matches made in heaven

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“Does this fruit smell like ass to you???”

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Well done, Angel. Well done.

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How To React To Burns

There are a lot of blog posts out there “suggesting” and “directing” a reaction to the Burns situation. They range from outrage to ridicule. Some folks that I greatly respect have called it an extreme sadness. The conspiracy folks are … Continue reading

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Are you?

Posted at CA’s request, seen at WRSA. My pleasure, CA. My pleasure.

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As long as they ain’t mushroom clouds…..

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If I owned a place of lodging…..

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III to III Work and Barbecue Weekend at Mike Vanderboegh’s

I received an email from Sunny about Mike Vanderboegh’s Work and Barbecue Weekend a couple of weeks ago and posted it with a request to remind me the weekend before so I could do another quick post. Well, she did … Continue reading

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Assimilate goddamnit, assimilate!!!

The company I work for employs a janitorial service to clean the lunchroom, locker room, restrooms and offices and they employ folks that I can only assume are illegals – silver teeth, no habla englis, old Mexico style of dress … Continue reading

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Welcome back, Brother

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I bet that’s a cold windy motherfucker

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