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Who’s yer bitch now, bitch?

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Shake rattle and roll, baby

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Yup, the crazy ex is back in town

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Yeah, I hate pebbles in my tread too

If I see a pebble or piece of gravel in my tire I cannot walk past it – I have to pick that shit out.

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Yet another use

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When you’re not licensed to pull doubles…

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Names when commenting

Folks, when you comment there’s a place on the form that requests your name. Please do not use your full name there – use an alias, comment as anon, use just your first name or your first name and the … Continue reading

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I know, it’s a sad, sad day

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Angel wuz here

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…or 1700 starving Ethiopians

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Bubba Level 4.8

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Bubba Level 5.0

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Straight up White Trash, God Bless ’em

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Resting in peace

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Always a thrilling sound

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Milfy Titty Tuesday

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Memorial Day

I’m taking the day off today in remembrance of our War Dead and MIA. May they finally be at Peace.

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Choosing Your Survivalist Weapons Battery

As a kid, I had a serious addiction to anything “Weapon”. When it came to weapons, I was most enamored with firearms of every caliber, shape, and purpose. I bought the book “Small Arms Of The World” at 12 years … Continue reading

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When you hire Illegal immigrant labor

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So this is what Heaven looks like, huh?

Or hell, if they’re empty.

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