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Stuck that screwdriver in the socket anyways, huh?

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Uh bro? I think you’ve got water in your basement.

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Why “One Gun” or “Three Guns” for TSHTF Is a Bad Idea

We’ve all been part of these discussions, and we’ve all read a ton of them on forums and blogs over the years: “If you could have only one gun for TEOTWAWKI, what would it be?” A more enlightened-seeming variant on … Continue reading

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From one extreme to the other

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Uh oh, this is NOT good.

Washington, DC -( In an Explosives Industry Newsletter issued in June 2016, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (“ATF”) reclassified wetted nitrocellulose [also known as flash paper, flash cotton, guncotton, and flash string] containing greater than 12.6 percent … Continue reading

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Y’all helped me to set a new record this month – I went over 900,000 hits in one month a little earlier today. Nine Hundred Thousand. Holy crap. Granted, those aren’t unique hits meaning that 900,000 different people didn’t see … Continue reading

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Waiting on Daddy

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Maybe she should just plead the Fifth

FROM HERE I’ve been a big fan of Stilton Jarlberg’s Hope n’ Change since I found it 6 or 7 years ago. He swore he was going to quit when Obama left office after his first term, so I can … Continue reading

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Without holes or piss stains too

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And you thought the spin cycle was a thrill

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And the bodies keep stacking up

The dead multiply in Chicago, the fruit of the gang wars ripening in August. With at least 78 killed so far, August is the deadliest month in nearly 20 years, according to a Tribune analysis. It’s all but certain that … Continue reading

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Speaking from Bangladesh Tuesday morning, Secretary of State John Kerry suggested members of the media stop covering (Islamic) terrorism so people won’t “know what’s going on.” Kerry attempted to preempt his statement by implying media coverage creates copy cats and … Continue reading

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Well, at least it was quick

Two senior North Korean officials were executed with an anti-aircraft gun in early August on the orders of Kim Jong Un, South Korea’s JoongAng Ilbo newspaper reported, citing people it did not identify. MORE

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Feds go after motorcycle gang members by claiming rights to their logo

The trademarked logo of Southern California’s largest motorcycle gang is unmistakable: a black-and-white image of 12th Century conqueror Genghis Khan, wearing sunglasses and bell bottoms riding a chopper while carrying a sword. For the club’s 600 fully patched members, the … Continue reading

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Probably not the brightest move

LifeZette has confirmed that GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump will travel to Mexico on Wednesday to meet with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto. Sources including Mexican officials involved in the planning of the visit, who spoke on the condition of … Continue reading

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Coke – it’s the real thing

While traces of cocaine were removed from Coca-Cola way back in the 1920s, the drug and the drink have been reunited once again in a factory in Signes, southern France. The stash was found on Thursday, hidden among orange juice … Continue reading

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With my sense of direction, that’s a very good possibility

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I don’t think it would even know how to let go

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Uh huh. Now you know.

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