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Once again I compelled to chew some ass and explain some rules for ignorant motherfuckers that take advantage of my gentle nature and calm demeanor. Now I know and understand that most of my readers are respectful and calm when … Continue reading

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Relied on that GPS, huh?

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Gettin’ ready to pound that ass

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Name that ride

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Georgia Open Records Act – STM

Leech City has released a new article in its leechwatching tools series, this time about the Georgia Open Records Act, or GORA for short. MORE

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‘Policing For Profit’ Goes To The Next Level

It’s bad enough getting arrested – especially when you didn’t do anything to warrant it. This happens all the time, because the the threshold for arresting someone is very low. It can be done by any cop, pretty much anytime … Continue reading

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That’s some white trash shit right there

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Right on

Most work places don’t require a sick note if you’re feeling slightly under the weather. You get an allotted amount of sick days and you use them as needed. However, some work places are extremely particular with their sick-days policy. … Continue reading

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An OSHA inspector’s wet dream

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Gun porn

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Some of that Fake News they’ve been bitching about

The Washington Post reported Friday that the U.S. power grid had been hacked by the same Russian actors accused of breaching the DNC – the only problem, the grid wasn’t hacked. According to the report, malicious “code” associated with Grizzly … Continue reading

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Army, Navy, Air Force, EPA

From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of – EPA? If sending Marines, Navy Seals, and Delta force to the world’s trouble spots doesn’t work, we could also send the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), or the Animal and Plant … Continue reading

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That moment

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Rich, guaranteed. Likely a pedophile too.

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I’ll just hang back a couple hundred yards

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I’ll bet those board meetings are pretty calm and civil

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Wirecutter – The Later Years

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Looks pretty much open and shut to me

A Billings couple returned to their house nearly a year ago and found blood smeared on their wall. The word “Sloe” was written in blood, according to court documents. On Wednesday, 31-year-old Timothy Robert Sloe appeared in Yellowstone County Justice … Continue reading

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Got preps?

A code associated with the Russian hacking operation dubbed Grizzly Steppe by the Obama administration has been detected within the system of a Vermont utility, according to U.S. officials. While the Russians did not actively use the code to disrupt … Continue reading

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