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14 Responses to 30 BUCKS FOR AN EIGHTEEN PACK???

  1. Macrobius says:

    Haha this is offsale spot in my city. It’s expensive to be a chronic drinker here, yet we have a major alcoholism problem with Indian population. Alcoholism subsidised by the government that they make half back on taxes.

  2. loaded4bear says:

    $23.39 in USD

  3. gamegetterII says:

    I wouldn’t pay 30 bucks for 5 cases of Bud- in Canadian or American dollars.
    $23.39 USD?! That’s insane, pretty sure I can get a 24 pack for less around here.

  4. bogsidebunny says:

    Biggest “glory hole” I’ve ever seen.

  5. john says:

    63 bucks for a 24 of coors light in the bahamas. Mife wife and her crew were just there.

  6. Wade says:

    $15.99 get you a 30 pack of Frio in Texas and it’s every bit as nasty as Budweiser.

  7. rayvet says:

    She looks “fun”.

  8. reverendken says:

    Thats cheap here in Canuckistan, must be a sale.

  9. tom@drum says:

    Canada. The bud light ad on the left of her says bonus toque.

  10. Padawan says:

    Geez…here in parts of New Hampshire you can get a 30 rack for around $19.

  11. mike says:

    you pay for your health care at the same time you buy the beer.

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