And cops wonder why people hate them

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  1. rayvet says:

    Sorry, that wasn’t all on the crazy cop. the metrosexual reporter was goading the guy, instigating him. Something I might do but to not expect the popo to further the conversation would be expecting too much. They were both asses it’s just a matter of who was the biggest ass.

  2. Paul says:

    Easy enough to provoke a cop.
    The very nature of the job requires men who are aggressive and self confident.
    The trick is to find a man who has a good balance of aggresive vs reasonable attitude towards life.
    Most cops meet this requirement but the few who don’t are like the squeeky wheel and get all the attention.
    Paul in Texas

  3. John the infidel says:

    Stand up for your rights but don’t act stupid. You’re dismissed!

  4. vorkosigan says:

    Yeah, the officer was a little aggressive in establishing his crime scene, but to be fair, the “reporter” was being a real dick and provoking the officer. “you’re dismissed?”….

  5. DC Smith says:

    This so-called reporter was being pugnacious. I stand by the cop!

  6. Filming a crime scene is illegal in most areas for a good reason. It’s called giving away the game to the criminal. Not a smart thing to do.
    I’m with the cop on this one.
    I would have arrested that reporter.
    Of course the cop is upset because of the crime scene he has to deal with and then this fucking reporter comes along like Dickly DoRight.
    Suppose that’s a crime scene with someone DEAD?
    Jesus wept.

  7. 1980XLS says:

    Reporter was being an obnoxious little Dick. But, it was comical with the cop calling the Dick Aggressive, while he was walking backwards continuously while the cop kept pressing him well outside the boundaries of the scene. Rather than the the cop making threats of illegal actions, he just should have told the guy where the line was to be, then tell him ( the reporter) he would be arrested should he move forward and violate it.

  8. Fahquu says:

    So any asshole with a recording device is a “journalist” these day. I wish the cop would have split the guy’s head in two.

    • Chris Mallory says:

      According to the First Amendment, all American citizens have the same right to collect and distribute “news”. We all have the same rights as “journalists”.

      • Fahquu says:

        So based on your own advice, why don’t you barge into the next White House press briefing waving your little phone shouting you’re a journalist without credentials, douche.

  9. Trib says:

    the snowflake “create a fake story” reporter want-a-be caused the problem by not listening to the cop. No tape up doesn’t mean that there is not a crime area that needs protected. Cop should have shot him. Destroyed the camera, placed his ankle gun in the snowflake hand and then pissed on his head.

    • Matt says:

      Yeah Kenny, just because you have something against LEO’S, doesn’t mean that every asshole that confronts one is right.

      • Wirecutter says:

        I don’t have anything against good cops. If you’ve read my blog for any length of time you’d know that I didn’t have one bad thing to say against my old town of Ceres police department and I’ve got nothing against Lafayette’s PD or Macon County Sheriff’s Office.
        Don’t assume, it makes you look like an ass.

  10. Matt says:

    Yeah, this is rich. Why aren’t you man enough to show us what provoked this cop? Oh that’s right, only show his ticked off reaction. Real thorough considering this may be a crime scene where evidence needs to be safeguarded. Or are you only interested in showing a cop at his worst? Thanks for your help.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Fuck you, remember he’s a public servant. Would you put up with that attitude if he wasn’t wearing a uniform? No? But because he’s got a badge, it’s okay, right?
      That’s why I posted the video – because of his attitude. If the photographer had done something wrong before the shooting of the video, why wasn’t he fucking arrested? But instead, the cop has to shove his weight around.

      • Matt says:

        Okay: you have a problem with authority and are too simple to believe everything you hear and even more of what you see.

        • Wirecutter says:

          Where the fuck did you get that I have a problem with authority? The simple fact of the matter is, if you act like a dick you’re gonna be viewed as a dick.
          If a cop takes offense to seeing that video, it tells me what kind of a cop you are.

          • Matt says:

            I don’t know what’s worse. You’re arguing with me, or the fact that you are basing your entire opiniion of this one cop on a twenty second video clip filmed by someone who wanted to go into an area that may have been off limits to the public. Yeah, I guess a cop keeping people out of a crime scene is an asshole.

      • Matt says:

        Yeah Wirecutter, with such intelligent discourse you still aren’t man enough to tell us what type of crime scene the “asshole “cop was dealing with. I’ve found in time and experience, that pushing, and pressuring nosey neighbors out of the area is better than slamming them to the pavement.

        • Wirecutter says:

          So basically you pretty much blew past my comment about how I don’t have anything against most cops and are continuing to talk shit and insult me?
          So you’ve tried pushing and pressuring and slamming nosey neighbors to the ground instead of just telling or even asking for them to move back? You’re not helping me change my point of view here, partner.
          Bottom line: You don’t like what you see here, then go away.

          • Matt says:

            All that I said was that it was better. You still must deal with your anger you have against authority.

          • Matt says:

            And to think I was gonna send a donation ; I still might; since I do like such intelligent debate .

            • Wirecutter says:

              Cops are worse than women – always gotta have the last word. Judging by our conversation, you would demand instant compliance if you told somebody to shut up, yet here you refuse to do what I, the owner of this site, ask.
              It seems like every time somebody gets pissed off at me I hear “I was going to send a donation but…” Sure you were. Uh-huh. But let me make it easy on you – keep your money.

  11. Jay Clay says:

    Doesn’t matter what the reporter guy did or said or didn’t do or say before the video started he is NOT a public servant, He is more than likely NOT armed and does NOT have the weight of the government behind him… IE he has no power at all and any police officer worth his or her salt and with a proper attitude would understand that and refrain from being a bully. There is nothing there for this cop to get personally upset about. He is hired to do a job and do it in a business like manner not the emotional thug he was acting like. In a nut shell this is almost always the problem with LEO’s they take everything personally and seem unable/unwilling to separate their own ego from the mix when people question them or exercise their rights. Even if the “reporter” was breaking a law, which is possible since I have no clue what State this video was filmed in, the cop had no call to argue or even engage in an emotional manner. He either orders the guy to move further back or he arrests him with the least amount of force necessary. Nothing more, nothing less.

    • Matt says:

      So Jay, no matter what happened, that gives you the right to enter a restricted area? Good luck with that.

      • Jay Clay says:

        Here allow me to repost the last part of my comment for you. I am assuming here that you are a cop and therefore as usual reacted in an emotional manner before getting the full story.

        Even if the “reporter” was breaking a law, which is possible since I have no clue what State this video was filmed in, the cop had no call to argue or even engage in an emotional manner. He either orders the guy to move further back or he arrests him with the least amount of force necessary. Nothing more, nothing less.

  12. Chet says:

    I have had encounters with cops, both State and local for over 40 years. Even if the encounter was because I was in the wrong, the experience wasn’t bad. Until the past ten years or so. Now days I’d say 90% of all cops have a chip on their shoulder. They look at everyone of us and mentally say…”what can I find this ass doing illegal?” They are not here to “Protect and Serve”, all they want are more tickets and arrests so they can then steal any money, guns or other assets they can find in your vehicle.
    As far as I am concerned it is time to give ALL cops a wide berth. Fuck them. Never call them and if ever asked any question by them, lie, do not tell them anything. And if they draw a gun shot them between the eyes.

    • Arc says:

      I have only had a single, positive, in-person experience with a cop and that was when he was off duty for something un-related to policing. I tend to avoid them where ever possible, nothing good comes from interaction.

      As for the last bit of your comment, you need to account for the fact that if a cop disappears, the car needs to go too. The car probably has some form of GPS. I know the USMC uses “Blue Force Tracker” for theirs and almost all federal vehicles are tracked. Local police probably follow big brother.

      If you drive it away, your hair, skin flakes, and other DNA materials are all over the car. You may have tracked in dirt from your own yard into the car. The tires have dirt caked up in them and if that dirt matches where you were, you are in deep shit. If the dirt on your shoes happens to match the area where the body was found, also deep shit.

      Combine all the little nit picky details with his personal and work phone’s history can be pulled with every location the device has ever been to, including where someone just capped him at… again, deep shit. Especially if your cellphone’s location history matches the cop’s.

      What are you going to do if he told the station which address he’s going to and he never reports back?

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