Another ebola style scare?

Durban – South African health authorities are on alert for possible imported cases of the plague. This, as almost 1 300 suspected cases have been reported in Madagascar.

It was confirmed that there were no cases in South Africa at a press briefing with the Department of Health and the National Institute of Communicable Diseases (NICD) on Tuesday.

But, with Madagascar – where 93 people have died from the plague – being just one direct flight away, authorities are on their guard.

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4 Responses to Another ebola style scare?

  1. Nifter says:

    Good thing Obama’s gone. He be bringing them over here.

  2. Sanders says:

    When it gets to a million cases, maybe I’ll take notice.

    • Sanders says:

      There are plague infested prairie dogs, gophers, and rabbits just up the road from me in Santa Fe County, NM. No big deal if you keep your dogs and cats flea-medicined (is that word?). Don’t let them bring dead critters in the house, either. Seems that everyone who catches plague around here had it brought to them by their cat or dog.

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