Better question: Why can’t you mind your own business?

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14 Responses to Better question: Why can’t you mind your own business?

  1. 1980XLS says:

    Well, if that’s a girl, she does not have very much for Tits.

  2. guy says:

    Why spend money buying and wearing a shirt announcing your cuntiness when instead you could just kill yourself?

  3. SAM says:

    If I was quiet (EVERY ONE who knows me would say NO WAY) I’d still be white and male so in the wrong.

  4. John Deaux says:

    Why wear a shirt proving you’re an dumbass when you could have just let people assume you are.
    Fucking Idiot

    • Max says:

      YES ! And why do I have to sit quietly while you scream an “..ism” / “” or your agenda at anyone who disputes your opinion…. flippin’ virtue signallers. I prefer the t shirt, in one of your previous pics, that said I could touch her boob if i want after having a bad day .

  5. bettysteve says:

    so, it’s alright for you to publicly state your opinion, but l am not allowed to state mine?, okaaay, so much for the first amendment.

  6. Devil Tongue says:

    I’m with Kenny here, they need to just SHUT THE FUCK UP, who really cares? Pussies!

  7. Steve says:


  8. Rich W. says:

    Best way to shut up attention seekers is to ignore then. When they perform an outrageous act, act like they are invisible.

  9. Miles Long says:

    Why? Because I can & it irritates you.

  10. Padawan says:

    “Tis better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

  11. warhorse says:

    wouldn’t it be better if everyone just said whatever they thought, wore what they wanted, and flew whatever flag they like? this way, you’d know EXACTLY who you were dealing with. with this “be quiet” plan, you could get a cashier who kicks puppies as a hobby, and you’d never know!

  12. C.R. says:

    wait until some bug ugly harry dude in a dress follows that idiot into the ladies room,and lets see if she really is “transphobic”.

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