I wonder if the li’l bitch is smiling now

A tunnel at an underground North Korea nuclear site has collapsed with up to 200 people killed, according to reports.

The collapse happened at the Punggye-ri nuclear test site in the north-east of the country on October 10, according to Japan’s TV Asahi.
The disaster has prompted fears of a massive radioactive leak which could spark a Chernobyl- or Fukushima-style disaster.

And this:

As many as 200 North Korean labourers have been killed after a mine shaft being dug at the regime’s nuclear test site collapsed, according to Japan’s Asahi TV.

Sources in North Korea told the news channel that a tunnel being excavated by around 100 workers at the Punggye-ri test site collapsed earlier this month.

An additional 100 labourers sent to rescue their colleagues were reportedly killed when the tunnel suffered a second collapse.

An exact date for the disaster has not been provided, but it comes shortly after North Korea conducted its sixth – and most powerful – underground nuclear test at the site.

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21 Responses to I wonder if the li’l bitch is smiling now

  1. RobinKaty says:

    He feels nothing either way, they are like the dust on his shoes, and nothing more.

  2. Brian says:

    (shrug) It’s a start.

  3. RocketmanKarl says:

    The li’l bitch doesn’t care. He’ll curse the incompetents who died and send in another 100…

    • crazyeighter says:

      I doubt the second 100 was a rescue mission; more like “get in there and clean that shit up.”

    • Andrew says:

      He’s probably rounded up the families of the 200 ‘for the encouragement of others.’

      And people thing Socialism is such a good thing…

  4. Ray says:

    And no one said shit about “radiation”. Meaning the whole “atomic bomb underground test” was a propaganda hoax. Pure BULLSHIT No Nukes.= No “H” bombs. BTW the minimum yield from a first gen “H” bomb is around one+ MEGATON’s. Underground testing =A crater. About the size of the one in Arizona. “A” bombs are smaller, but leave craters too. BIG ONES! Like you can see from orbit. NO craters in North Korea. The “shock wave” from a test is really easy to simulate by setting off a large quantity of HE in a cave filled with water. It just won’t form a crater. Remember this story is being passed around by the same guys that swore that there were “ton’s of WMD in Iraq”. and for the same reason. They want a war. With part of the “AXIS OF EEEVIL. “. A country who’s “newest and best” weapons came off the line in 1983. The bulk (70%) of there weapons are much, MUCH older. The vast bulk of the ground and air force of North Korea was built between 1944 and 1968 and they have no reserves or replacements for any of it. The Japanese SDF could kick north Korea’s ass in a month. The US’ and South Korea would do it in two weeks if China stays out of it. Kim may be an asshole. But everything else is a bluff. Pure bullshit.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Didn’t read the articles, did you? It mentions the radiation spreading several times.

      • Ray says:

        The wind blows from east to west ACROSS CENTRAL JAPAN from North Korea. Tell me when the Japanese panic. I read a lot and if it comes from the CIA, US news papers , TV news, or any other “deep state” outlet it has as much credibility with me as the “lone gunman” story in Los Vegas or Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas. I’ll believe they have “nukes” when they set one off were people can see it. I have seen lots of panic inducing propaganda story’s. But not one shred of proof. This is all coming from North Korea. A nation driving 70 year old tanks and flying 60 year old aircraft. The NEOCONS want to sell a war with North Korea, and after Iraq and A-stan I ain’t buying. The US Government lies about everything else. So what makes you think this is truth? AND: rayvet . Its real easy to hide behind your keyboard and badmouth. But your bullshit does not make me wrong. It just makes you look like a federal troll or some other form of window licker. Hell I could be wrong. But I think ALL of this is CIA bullshit to phony up another war. You know, like the 30 or so phony wars and over 100 “regime changes” the US has staged since the end of WW2. They have lied about EVERY military “provocation” for the last 70 years. So why believe it now?

        • Wirecutter says:

          Gee, that’s funny because the weather site I’m looking at right now shows the prevailing winds going over the top of the northernmost island, not across central Japan.

          Kinda funny how all these nations with spy satellites and seismic monitors have all concluded that yes, North Korea does have nuclear weapons, isn’t it? Maybe you should hire out your expertise to them.

        • Max says:

          After Researching the subject, I can see where Ray is coming from though. (all radiation theories aside) A lot of official propaganda and disinformation , bandied about. We have to find as much info as possible and engage our own cognition. ALL wars are bankers wars.
          The asinine “tin foil hat” quip is a derogatory term aimed at critical thinkers.

    • rayvet says:

      Wow Ray. Loosen that tin foil hat you wear there boy cause it’s cuttin off yer circulation. Yes, the North Koreans don’t have nukes, just like the Iranians don’t. Eye roll. You folks support the Hugest conspiracy theories every perpetuated on mankind like they’re some doable secret. NOT.

      • Ray says:

        And in case you were wondering: Japan , China, and South Korea HAVE NOT issued a radiation alarm as of 04:45 11/1/2017 Tokyo time. If this story had any credibility at all Japan would be shittin’ kittins’ —Ray

        • Wirecutter says:

          Ray, what if the wind was blowing north? Do you honestly think that China, a nation with a notoriously closed mouth, would issue that warning for the world to see?
          What if the mountain collapsed upon itself and contained most if not all of the radiation?
          What if…..

          • Ray says:

            The “news story” from “Matt Drudge” and Fox News , originated with Asai TV Japan. They have since “walked back” the story. Japan Today and The Japan Times never ran it.(I just checked) There is no evidence of radiation in Japan or south Korea coming from North Korea (I just Checked). The wind is blowing from North East to South west. ACROSS JAPAN. FROM NORTH KOREA.(I just Checked) There is NO evidence that North Korea has nuclear weapons; none, NONE AT ALL AND THERE NEVER WAS. Only the word of men who are proven liars. But you know I went through this same bullshit when I warned you about Kerodin , what? TWO YEARS before you caught on? You just went on and on about how full of shit I was. How he was a patriot. How we had to give the guy a chance. How you knew him. I guess that just proves what a lack of critical thinking I have .But : I have one thing you do not have Kenny. A highly developed bullshit detector. I’ll quit now, this is useless.

            • Wirecutter says:

              Yeah, I quit arguing with you a long time ago with some of the bullshit you come up with, like when you said that it’s a proven fact that 90% of lesbians are child molesters. I’m still waiting on the stats and sources I requested.

              Dude, I just checked that link and it’s showing the wind SOUTHWEST TO NORTHEAST UP the Sea of Japan, not across the island. You do know what Japan looks like, right? I mean, I know it’s not specifically labeled…..
              Like I said, you should hire out your mad spy skillz because apparently you’re the only one that believes NK don’t have nuclear weapons. Check this shit out: India and Pakistan have them too…..

              But I’ll give you that on Kerodin. You did try to warn me.

  5. Sanders says:

    I reckon only a very select few will know for sure if it was due to one of our “bunker busters” or not.

    • rayvet says:

      My thoughts exactly. I predict a little “nudge” of the earth from China, US or other big wig to put a hold on the munchkins progress for nukes.

  6. crazyeighter says:

    And after China warning them about this exact same thing too.

  7. Yea, little butterball is still wearing his little shit grin. He derives sexual pleasure from killing anyone, even “his” own people. That is why he is still mocking the US… Getting his country glassed will his biggest orgasm ever.

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