Journalist Who Exposed Clinton Foundation Found Dead

A world-renowned journalist who exposed corruption within the Clinton Foundation was found dead on Monday after a car bomb exploded with her inside.

Maltese Investigative journalist, Daphne Caruana Galizia, was responsible for leaking millions of documents from the Panama Papers, which exposed high-level government corruption from around the world.

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13 Responses to Journalist Who Exposed Clinton Foundation Found Dead

  1. John Deaux says:

    Fucking suicide epidemic

  2. wtf? says:

    Another one ???!!!!! ????

  3. I pray! luis says:

    Hopefully one day, someone with bigger power/ money will get fed up the Clinton Mafia and just wipe them off the face of the earth.

  4. DW says:

    Random fuel leak!

  5. Ed says:

    Another victim of Arkancide.

  6. Unclezip says:

    She’s been talking for weeks about being stalked and afraid for her life. It’s no surprise. Hillary got another one.

  7. I have been out in Malta, it’s an amazing place with lots of history. It’s been ten years since I was there though, and it appears to have changed for the worse.

  8. Jimmy the Saint says:

    Again, to quote Iago the Parrot – I think I’ll die from not surprise.

  9. Antibubba says:

    She was also exposing corrupt Maltese officials and crime organizations. It was probably a race to see who could off her first.

  10. pdwalker says:

    Can it be any more blatant at this point?

  11. sk6actual says:

    What number this one make? I gotz 49.

  12. idaho bob says:

    Imagine that!


  13. truthzzzz says:

    She was also very involved with the Panama Papers release. Podesta, a Clinton confederate, was nailed in that release. She pissed off the local corrupt people also.

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