Terror attack in New York

A man in a pickup truck killed seven people when he drove onto the West Side bike path in lower Manhattan Tuesday afternoon — and then shouted “Allahu Akbar” as he got out of the car with fake guns, police sources said.
The suspected terror attack happened around 3:15 p.m., when a man in a flatbed pickup truck from Home Depot veered onto the bike path at West St., a few blocks north of Chambers St., police said.


Fuck man, with traffic gridlocked as bad as it is in NYC, I’m surprised he got up enough speed to ram anybody hard enough to kill them.

NYPD shot him in the ass. Of course, they were aiming for his head….. I wonder how many of the casualties were from errant gunfire. Just kidding…..

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  1. 1980XLS says:

    He was able to travel multiple blocks and mow people down because he got in the dedicated Bike lane with the truck.

    • bogsidebunny says:

      Liberal answer: “Ban Guns”. No matter what innate device used by a human, Ban Guns is the answer. Shit, after 9/11 they should have banned commercial jets.

      • Elmo says:


        If we can save the life of one more 33 year old child, newly arrived from El Salvador…

  2. The commander at the scene told his men to blow the fucker’s brains out.

    What a surprise the headlines in the Brit press are reading “truck mounts pavement & kills civilians” as if a fucking vehicle is a sentient being & can be held responsible for this act of jihad.

    Two things:

    1. The truck is not a jihadist.

    2. If the killer was yelling out the takbir as he was trying to murder people, then he was.

    Which might be kind of … RELEVANT!

  3. Max says:


  4. WiscoDave says:

    “Update: Law enforcement sources told CBS the suspect has been identified as 29-year old Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipovm of Tampa, Florida.  Sources told CBS News that Saipovm yelled “God is great” in Arabic when he exited the vehicle.”

    • It is my understanding that what the takbir actually means is the claim that their pretend deity (Satan) is “greater” than the actual God.

    • Sedition says:

      …is not a U.S. citizen and is originally from Uzbekistan, federal law enforcement sources have confirmed to Fox News.

  5. majmike says:

    We may never know his motives.

  6. Mike_C says:

    1. I was in the car listening to NPR when this item came on the news. They went to some lengths to emphasize that the suspect “shouted something, but it was unclear what exactly” when he exited the car.

    2. Don’t tolerate “Progsplaining”. What’s Progsplaining you ask? It’s like this.
    Adherent of the Religion of Assholes: “I am going to kill you because my religion sanctions it, you filthy infidel! You people are not even human to us.”
    Progressive: “Oh, no. Xe doesn’t mean that because it is the Religion of Universal Chumhood and Love. What xe really meant was ‘Kumbaya’ and xe only wants that we all live together in peace and harmony, which we would totally be doing if only it weren’t for xenophobic, Assholophobic haters. And white people and Christians. Who are all guilty guilty guilty.

    3. Eight dead. Might not be as bad as it looks. If a person is non-Muslim, his individual diya (blood price, c.f. weregild) is MAXIMUM 1/2 that of a real human being. The diya of a Christian or Jewish man is 1/2 [or 1/3] of a Muslim man, whereas a nonreligious — or a Buddhist, Zoroastrian, animist, etc — is only 1/16th of the diya of a Muslim male. For females, further divide by half. So if Asshole killed eight non-Muslim/Christian/Jewish women then their combined value was 8 x (1/32) = 1/4 that of a Muslim male (i.e. an actual human being).

    Good to know where you stand, in the eyes of persons like Sayfullo etc etc, isn’t it? But we’re the racist, xenophobic haters, somehow.

    • Be sure to check out what one of Lee Rigby’s killers actually said when he was filmed red-handed (literally) at the scene of his crime. He explicitly cited sura at-taubah, the ninth sura of the curry-anne but one of the last to be written. (According to the traditional islamic principle of abrogation, that means it overwrites what went before & is authoritative.) The killer stood there at the scene of his crime and stated clearly what his motives were: he was doing what it told him to do in the ninth sura of the curry-anne.

      And yet within hours we had Boris fucking Johnson, Nick Clegg and David Cameron all standing there as if they knew better, saying that the murder of an unarmed off-duty soldier by a devout Muslim who explicitly cited the islamic “holy book” at the scene of the crime had “nothing to do with islam”.

      Moral and intellectual cowards of the worst sort! Those three idiots should be hanged for treason. And there are plenty trees in the forest …

  7. Chris Mallory says:

    A witness said he heard 9-10 shots before he saw cops head to the area. But supposedly they only found a paintball gun and a pellet gun on the scene. The muslim was from Uzbekistan and has been here since 2010.

    • Elmo says:

      On a ‘diversity visa’, which is a creation of Chuckles Schumer. 50-55,000 issued every year on a lottery basis. No fee, apply online. After 5 years you get a green card and can stay permanently. The intention is to help ‘underrepresented’ countries.
      h/t, Mark Levin

      Chuckies chickens are coming home… to roost.

    • Boomer says:

      Amazing…..9-10 shots and the best they could was shoot him in the ass….

  8. Reese Bobby says:

    I’m just thankful it was in New York and not America. Like that WTC episode; is just not that big a deal. Lot worse stuff going on in the world. I figure if someone really valued their life they would not have left and gone to NYC

  9. We obviously need a Van Ban.

    Those machines are dangerous. People use them to kill other people, don’t you know!

  10. C.R. says:

    I wonder if the truck was an “Automatic” assault truck (was it black? ) someone should ban those automatic assault trucks

  11. Sanders says:

    We know everything about this guy within a couple hours, yet the Las Vegas killer is still a huge mystery.

    Las Vegas? you ask. Yes, you know – 50+ country western fans murdered.

  12. nonncom says:

    Wirecutter, I think they were aiming at his head, but it was up his ass at the time, so it wasn’t a bad shot after all….

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