Doesn’t like pretentious men…..

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11 Responses to Doesn’t like pretentious men…..

  1. Josh says:

    Judging by the hands I think she is/was a man.

  2. Trib says:

    Never marry a women until you see her without makeup. Some look right pretty without the camouflage but some look like death warmed over.

  3. paulb says:

    Dunno. but does not look right.

  4. Towser says:

    I think I can now stop complaining about women who layer on makeup with a trowel. I can just move on without giving a thought as to what they are hiding. Who cares?

  5. rayvet says:

    In the before picture, she looks like a meth head.
    My first wife I thought pretty without makeup. That wench felt it necessary to cake her face up in that shit every day. Took an hour to put on in the morning and 30 minutes to take off at night. That’s one of the long list of reasons she’s my ex. Girls, if you’re man says your pretty without the plaster, take him at his word and go a la natural. It will be much appreciated.

  6. Cavguy says:

    Hay Josh funny I was thinking the very same thing.


  7. FLAwt says:

    Gran’ma used to say “a lil’ paste, a lil’ paint, makes ’em look like what they ain’t”!

  8. Alex Lund says:

    This lady, ahem, is Annika Albrite, an adult performer (is this the correct way to describe her?)

    I found her and a few other “performers” showing how they look before makeup and how they look after makeup was applied.
    With makeup they look tasty, but if you see some of them WITHOUT – I rather play a game on my PC or play a boardgame.
    Yep, I would also like to shoot, but remember, I am living in Germany and guns are forbidden and sooooo bad. .

  9. Sabre22 says:

    too much Whore Paint

  10. says:

    Talk about bait and switch.

  11. Grandpa says:

    Adult performer, huh? Yeah, no. Hell no. The ‘before’ picture shows just how deep satan’s talons are buried in her soul. I’m not perfect, but just no to that.

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