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“And how do you plead, your Honor?”

It was a little after 9 a.m. on Thursday when the 23-year-old Islip, N.Y., woman heard a noise somewhere in the house, Patch reported. The Long Island woman, who lived with her parents but was alone at the time, went … Continue reading

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A cockatiel named Tyrone?

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Gaza violence

Seven Palestinians were killed and some 1,100 were wounded by Israeli tear gas, rubber bullets and live fire in the Gaza Strip on Friday, Palestinian sources said, as a series of massive protests along the security fence around the Hamas-controlled … Continue reading

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“Now she is just David Hogg’s bitch”

There is almost nothing that the neo-Stalinist left despises more than a strong, straight, conservative Christian woman who supports the Second Amendment and that has landed outspoken Fox News host Laura Ingraham atop their hit lists. Today, it is with … Continue reading

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Kinda reminds me of an acid trip I took one time

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Donations pour in for high school rifle team after school board rejects NRA money

A high school rifle team in Pennsylvania will be getting new gear thanks to community businesses rallying around it after the school board voted against accepting a National Rifle Association grant. The Stroudsburg High School rifle team has been using … Continue reading

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How Often Do Chickens Lay Eggs?

We get asked this question from time to time, so we thought that with the chick and laying season imminent now, this would be a good time to talk about it. How Often Do Chickens Lay Eggs? The short answer … Continue reading

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Oh, for Pete’s sake…..

Student stage crew members will no longer darken their faces during school plays and musicals, Bethel Park administrators reiterated at the school board’s March 20 committee meeting. Stagehands, who are backstage workers tasked with swapping scenery on the sets, operating … Continue reading

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Yeah man, Kentucky…..

A Somerset woman charged with forcing her 14-year-old daughter to drink alcohol until she fell off a chair claimed she was teaching the girl that drinking is bad, according to police. Somerset police charged Miranda Gayle Polston, 34, with first-degree … Continue reading

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Damn, talk about holding a grudge…..

Melissa Sandrone blamed the co-owner of a car dealership in West Allis, Wisconsin, for a head injury she sustained in a motorcycle accident 14 years ago, police say. So officers allege that the 45-year-old woman shot Matthew Tripi in the … Continue reading

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Now there’s something you don’t see every day

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And here I thought blackmail was illegal…..

COLUMBUS, Ohio — A woman with whom an Ohio state lawmaker exchanged sexual text messages has launched a campaign to unseat him and threatened to release more details about their relationship if he doesn’t resign. The unusual faceoff between Republican … Continue reading

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So what’s stopping him?

In the midst of wrapping up a media tour hawking his latest book and on the heels of what he considers – because of the election of Donald Trump – the ‘worst time’ of his 35 years in the United … Continue reading

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How to keep from scratching your balls

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Brotherfucking Florida, man…..

A Florida woman was charged with having an incestuous relationship with her brother after she gave birth to a child with serious medical problems. Investigators said Pauline Elizabeth Martin, 33, was arrested Friday after genetic testing revealed the child she … Continue reading

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Good, I’m glad

A former Navy sailor in Corpus Christi has been convicted of distributing a video showing the drowning of puppies, according to the U.S. attorney’s office. Daniel James O’Sullivan, 26, was found guilty of distributing an animal crush video after an … Continue reading

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Well hell, that backfired on him, didn’t it?

Something rather magical occurred during the the student-led “March for Our Lives” demonstration last weekend, where as a reminder Stoneman Douglas High School mass shooting survivor turned gun control zealot David Hogg proudly issued a “Heil Hitler”-like salute in opposition … Continue reading

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French outraged, should surrender at any time now

The mood was sombre yet indignant as thousands marched in Paris on Wednesday in memory of Mireille Knoll, 85, who was found dead on Friday after what police suspect was a robbery and murder motivated by anti-Semitism. Knoll – who … Continue reading

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That would be an asswhipping right there

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“Sorry ’bout that”

Groupon’s got a major mishap to deal with after a racial slur appeared on its site for a listing for women’s boots … and it started by issuing an apology. Screenshots from outraged customers started making the rounds on social … Continue reading

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