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On your way to buy some PolyGrip?

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What. The. Fuck.

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“I think we found that growling noise, ma’am”

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Don’t feed the animals, man

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I’m surprised she’s not a fucking redhead

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Nooo! Not in Florida!!!

A Florida woman got one heck of a shock when she heard strange sounds early one morning this week coming from the vicinity of her patio. When the unnamed woman went to investigate, she was startled to discover that the … Continue reading

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The liberal media darlings know as the “Parkland Students” think they’ve found some hypocrisy because VP Mike Pence’s appearance at the NRA national convention will be a gun-free zone. That’s not actually true and much of the confusion comes from … Continue reading

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Attention Millennials:

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We all knew this anyway -Elmo

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Yeah well, he was from Florida…

A 72-year-old Florida man tried to smuggle a knife stashed in a shampoo bottle aboard a plane at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport, according to the Transportation Safety Administration. It happened Thursday, and authorities say Gonzalo Gonzalez of Jupiter, Florida, was apprehended … Continue reading

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University of Texas to Treat Masculinity as a ‘Mental Health’ Issue

The Counseling and Mental Health Center at the University of Texas at Austin recently launched a new program to help male students “take control over their gender identity and develop a healthy sense of masculinity.” Treating masculinity as if it … Continue reading

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Wait for it…..

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Olympic Medalist Files Suit Against California Over Bullet Control

California thought they were onto something. Since they can’t seem to control guns, even though they really keep trying to, they decided to control bullets instead. After all, what could go wrong with that. Well, now the state is staring … Continue reading

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Horseman. Passing By.

I encountered the Horseman in Laguna Beach riding along the Pacific Coast Highway. He was ahead of me moving at horse speed. The traffic, hurried as always, slowed to a pause and then pulled around him. As I pulled past … Continue reading

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They’re forgetting to thank Trump, the ungrateful bastards

The “caravan” of illegal aliens is now trying to bum-rush the U.S. border. Video coming out of Tijuana, Mexico shows illegals scaling the fence in an attempt to enter the United States. Amidst the chaos, migrants can be heard cheering, … Continue reading

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Today is Camerone Day

The Battle of Camarón (French: Bataille de Camerone) which occurred over ten hours on 30 April 1863 between the French Foreign Legion and the Mexican army, is regarded as a defining moment in the Foreign Legion’s history. A small infantry … Continue reading

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So they’re welcome to stay in your home?

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Good Morning

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The joy of being a boy

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