I’ll fly away, oh Glory, I’ll fly away…

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  1. Phillip Clemmer says:

    They’ve refined it a bunch, nowadays they use a balloon to lift the line. It was used in one of the Batman movies, but it’s a real thing used by the CIA. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fulton_surface-to-air_recovery_system

    • J- says:

      Operation SKYHOOK. Used in Vietnam a bunch to yank SOG out of the jungle. The history of that is amazing.

  2. Ed357 says:

    Didn’t they use on in the “Green Beret”……movie….???

  3. Lofty says:

    That guy had nuts like bowling balls..holy fuck, what a blast.
    The sheep however looked quite pissed off.

  4. singlestack says:

    In the Air Force I was in a combat rescue squadron (41st ARRS, Super Jolly Green Giants). Our C130s had the Fulton equipment as part of their WRSK gear.

  5. Al says:

    Ya wanna take a good shit before the pickup to save yer self some extra cleaning later!

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