Opposing the Transgender Movement

The transgender war on cultural norms is not just about restrooms and pronouns. It’s about denying biological fact and quotidian reality. It’s about an epidemic of irrationality, a cultural contagion, a mass delusion claiming more victims every day. It’s about silencing free thinkers who refuse to bow to the radical “gender” ideology.

Absurd theories that deny scientific fact have been adopted by the mainstream press, the entertainment industry, the medical establishment, public schools, universities, corporate management, and government agencies. People who fear social isolation and charges of bigotry are following along.

How do those of us still grounded in reality fight this insanity? Not with misguided “compassion” or compromise, but with straight talk and tough love. Let’s not waste our time analyzing or answering absurd gender theories with logical rebuttals. Those ideas don’t deserve that respect. And the useful idiots who swallow the trans lies – whether as promoters, allies, or victims – will not listen to reason or science.

Oppose trans activism

Refuse to go along with trans madness that declares:
-John Deaux

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5 Responses to Opposing the Transgender Movement

  1. Sabre22 says:

    As Long as it is listed as a mental disorder it is a mental disorder. Here is a thought instead of giving these things hormones of the desired sex Give them massive doses of the birth sex for a year and see if that reverses their thinking.

  2. Dan Patterson says:

    Personality disorders should be treated not encouraged.

  3. Tsquared says:

    My thoughts are they shot themselves in the foot from the beginning. The LGBT group defined themselves. The “B” in LGBT stand for Bi, which is two. Of all the pronouns the first two are he and she. The rest are just figments of demented minds.

  4. Joe says:

    Thrilled to see someone address this, and it’s spot on.
    Sane, rational people CANNOT permit the irrational and unbalanced to define reality.
    It is possible to be firmly compassionate, yet absolutely unyielding when addressing this insanity.

  5. Westcoastdeplorable says:

    It’s a mental condition and should be treated as such. The “normal” people shouldn’t have to bow to these confused person’s demands, wishes, etc. I could care less what people to with one another in the privacy of their own home but don’t force it on me!

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