Random Thoughts on Killing Trucks

My friend John Robb at Global Guerrillas and I share an unfortunate gift, the Gift of Cassandra. As I mentioned in my latest update on this article, we will and we did see more. One of the many things John Robb has done is introduce the concept of open source insurgency/terrorism; i.e. Widely disseminating the tactics/techniques/procedures used in various terror events, and of course assisted by the media. We can watch the rapid evolution of the car/knife attack methodology in real time now: we’ve gone from renting trucks, to stealing trucks, to light cars, and now to hijacking trucks close to the target area. Knives are easy to find, hard to defend against in the hands of a committed attacker, and like vehicles, ubiquitous.

Couple of points I mentioned in the original update: take care with children and strollers and have a plan. The Swedish attacker deliberately targeted small children and mothers with strollers because they can’t run as fast as the grown ups.

Intervention can take many forms: a quick thinking guard rammed the truck with his own van, damaging his but stopping the vehicle.

For the shooters in the house, not many realistic shooting resolutions to this problem in the very fast breaking initial moments. Please see below my riff on the neurology and cognition involved in necessary situational awareness and rapid decision making under stress and adapt to those you care about and incorporate in your training.

To my friends out there working — Good Hunting.

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  1. OhioGuy says:

    much thanks Mr L …. doing the uncomfortable thinking, great catch phrase

    already happens here and only gonna get more frequent

    archival info for friends, family and decent neighbors … si vis pacem para bellum

  2. Critter says:

    .416 Rigby.

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