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Must be a San Francisco diner

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And God sent an Angel dressed as a gangsta…

-Kenny the Scot

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Gerry Rafferty

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Blue Barrel, 1975 – The night the snails chased me down

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Your Friday Evening Florida News

OCALA, Fla. – Four drug overdoses led police last week to raid a drug house that had a drive-thru and walk-up window, the Ocala Police Department said. Police said William Parrish Jr. and McKenzee Dobbs were selling drugs out of … Continue reading

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Wonder which one got the job?

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Shades of Crazy Charlie Lafitte

In case you’ve missed the exploits of Crazy Charlie Lafitte you can catch Part One HERE and Part Two with the pigeon kicking HERE. Enjoy.

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And finally…..

–Daniel John McCain, who has risen to political prominence on his image as a Vietnam POW war hero, has, inexplicably, worked very hard to hide from the public stunning information about American prisoners in Vietnam who, unlike him, didn’t return … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, up in Maine…

BRUNSWICK (WGME) — The Maine Department of Transportation has denied a request from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals to build a 5-foot tombstone memorial where lobsters may have died after a crash on Route 1 in Brunswick last … Continue reading

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The Tunnels of Cu Chi

This gif is from a documentary about the tunnels of Cu Chi. I found it pretty interesting seeing as my dad was stationed there for his last tour and I’ve heard numerous stories from him and his friends about Charlie … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, in Kentucky…

FLOYD Co., Ky. (WYMT) — Mason Tackett unexpectedly had a gun pointed at him when he confronted an alleged burglar. “Must have been a bad batch around here cause Floyd County has gone crazy here in the last four days,” … Continue reading

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Wasp control that works

A few days ago I put up a post about the horrifically bad wasp year we’re having. Outdoor activities had to be suspended except before dawn or after dark because of how many stinging insects were swarming the area. We’re … Continue reading

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Jack update

Well, I’ve had more than a few readers asking how Jack was doing lately. He’s doing remarkably well considering the little bastard was about half dead just 2 weeks ago… he’s got a vet’s appointment set for Tuesday for his … Continue reading

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A tip from your ol’ buddy Wirecutter

Hair spray is the ticket. If you have a really tough label, spray it down first, then use a hair dryer as you pull it up. Works on old bumper stickers too. You’re welcome.

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Chemical warfare

Back when I was loading trucks I used to look for this shit in pallets. I’d snatch a can out and wait until lunch, then I’d go back to the dock about halfway through my break. I’d grab that can … Continue reading

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Makes you wonder what his house looks like

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Your Afternoon Florida News

An Uber driver in Florida fatally shot a man who trailed his car and tried to run him off the road early Tuesday in what a local sheriff called a “classic Stand Your Ground case.” The Polk County Sheriff’s Office … Continue reading

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Knife Sharpening by wes

A while back Wes had inquired about a Praxis series, similar to what MBV had on Sipsey Street Irregulars. I thought it was a good idea, but Life got in the way for both of us and it stalled for … Continue reading

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Friday gifdump

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