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I feel your pain

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Yeah, I don’t know either

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Proof that nothing is free


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New from Sammy!

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Just sayin’


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And here’s your typical USA Today reader

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“Is this seat taken?”

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Good Morning

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Easy unload

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Twister – not just for kids!

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That fast food will kill you for sure

ST. LOUIS • A man who apparently had trouble reaching his food at a drive-thru window at a Jack in the Box restaurant on South Grand Boulevard was killed after he was pinned by his own car. Charles Wood Jr., … Continue reading

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Gonna be a magical night!

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Meanwhile, over in Robertson County…..

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – On Tuesday a parent of a Springfield High School student was tased and subsequently arrested following an altercation with police. Two Robertson County Sheriff’s Deputies working at Springfield High School during student pick up … Continue reading

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The Marshall Tucker Band

And here’s 3 of their more commercial songs:  

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Do Not Disturb

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And here’s your Friday Evening Florida Report

SEPTEMBER 28–A Florida man who admitted biting his dog to “establish dominance” over the animal has pleaded guilty to a felony charge, but has avoided prison time in connection with the bizarre incident, according to court records. MORE

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Trophy hunters…

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What, hetero porn offended them?

A university professor was left red-faced after accidentally beaming porn through a lecture room projector for all his students to see. About 500 students had turned up for an introductory psychology class taught by professor Steve Joordens but instead got … Continue reading

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The difference between two neighboring Counties

CLAY COUNTY, Tenn. (WZTV) – They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity, but one Tennessee town may disagree. Clay County, Tennessee, has received national attention after a Drug Enforcement Administration investigation revealed its pharmacies purchased enough drugs last … Continue reading

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