California to ban fur trapping

A new bill in the California Legislature would put an end to a California industry that predates the Gold Rush.

Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, D-San Diego, submitted a bill that would prohibit the state from issuing fur trapping licenses.

Last year, the state issued 133 of them, which trappers used to capture 995 muskrats, 105 gray foxes, dozens of skunks and other mammals, according to the Natural Resources Agency.


The bill’s just been introduced but it’ll pass, I can guarantee it – remember, this is the state that banned mountain lion hunting and running bears with hounds.

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3 Responses to California to ban fur trapping

  1. Elmo says:

    More crap pushed by the Center for Biological Diversity. Big surprise.
    Fun Fact: The Director of the Resources Agency is a termed out state assemblyman who is also the former mayor of Santa Cruz. He’s gay.
    Just the kind of guy California needs to dole out millions of dollars worth of grants every year in order to create California’s new utopian paradise.

  2. Back woods okie says:

    If 133 licenses is all that was issued for the intere state it’s over anyway. At least a third that many was issued for the county I live in in the state of Oklahoma

    • T Rose says:

      To trap what? $1 coons and $5 coyotes, I didn’t even set traps this year. Best prices in Oklahoma are for select bobcat.

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