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At least he’s not charging an arm and a leg

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This is NOT a joke, I repeat, this is not a joke

When I saw a Facebook post announcing that Hillary Clinton will be speaking at a cybersecurity conference, I burst out laughing. I had the immediate desire to share it with my closest friends, and you will, too. This news is … Continue reading

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Your Friday Afternoon Florida Report

(WJHG/CNN/Meredith) — A Florida high school teacher didn’t just give her student an “F” – instead, she wrote “WTF is this?” on a paper to signal he would be getting a zero. The student’s mom wasn’t happy about it. MORE … Continue reading

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1st Signal Brigade, Vietnam

The first six and a half minutes are introductions. At the 13:45 mark, there’s a shot of an AB-216/U tower, the kind that I built in Germany in the late 1970s/early 1980s.

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101st Airborne Division, 69th Signal Battalion

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Yup, she’s that fucking stupid

I have no problem with politicians using Twitter, even in a manner in which we’re unaccustomed to politicians using social media in general. I mean, heck, Donald Trump’s Twitter account is a brilliant way for him to work around the … Continue reading

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Best Rifle Sling For Your Specific Purpose

Are you looking for a way to comfortably carry your firearm & can help you quickly switch between a rifle and sidearm? If so… you need a good ol’ rifle sling. Rifle slings are perfect for ensuring a steady and … Continue reading

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What, teachers can’t have recess?

A naughty celebration turned into a parent’s worst nightmare, as footage was posted online of a stripper performing a dance for pre-school teachers at a kindergarten. The school’s head mistress resigned in the heat of the scandal. The video, showing … Continue reading

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Friday gifdump – Hurt Edition

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The Twelve Anchors

In January 1942, 11 Naval nurses and one Filipino nurse were taken prisoner by the Japanese. They spent nearly three years as POW’s in concentration camps where they continued to nurse the sick and injured. They were never formally recognized … Continue reading

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Revolutionary War Shot Still Has Traces of Human Blood on It

AT MONMOUTH BATTLEFIELD STATE PARK, in Freehold, New Jersey, a group of volunteers has discovered a rare Revolutionary War artifact—a piece of canister shot with traces of human blood on it. Last spring, on an otherwise routine dig, the Battlefield … Continue reading

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Cause And Prevention Of Soft Shells and Rubber Eggs

Imagine reaching into your nesting box and feeling a soft, rubbery…something. What in the world? Yes, it’s a shell-less egg in between all your lovely breakfast eggs. So, what does this mean? Is there something wrong with your hen? Not … Continue reading

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British cat judging by those jacked up teeth

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Reasons to shop for your gun needs is on its next mission – Mission for the Mighty. Prominent industry brands have joined our mission to help give back through offering weeks’ worth of exclusive deals & offers with the added bonus of each purchase directly benefiting … Continue reading

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This is the California I knew and loved

Meet 12 ranching and farming families, preserving the traditions of the generations in the historic foothills of Nevada County. VIDEO -Elmo

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Here’s an odd duck for you

-Bear A host of unusual firearms have been floated and (mostly) abandoned over the two centuries of largely trial-and-error design. After our recent coverage of Arsenal Firearm’s AF2011-a1 double barrel semiautomatic pistol, we wondered if more extreme versions of multi-barrel … Continue reading

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How to season and clean your cast iron skillet

Cast iron cookware will last a lifetime if you treat it right. Here’s how to do just that. MORE

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Scrambled eggs the fun way

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