Pricing citizens out of their Rights

U.S.A. –-( The House members were called to Springfield Sunday evening and early Monday morning a committee passed SB1966, the bill which raises the cost of the FOID card to nearly $100 for 5 years ($20 FOID fee + $30 fingerprint fee + $38 FBI background check fee) instead of $10 for 10 years. Fingerprinting of law abiding citizens is still mandated, and private firearm sales are banned. The bill now goes to the House floor for a vote at anytime.

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  1. Lineman says:

    You have to wonder why the good productive citizens of Illinois stay in that state…So many reasons to get out and none really to stay other than being comfortable…

  2. Gumbodunker says:

    Illinois is the devils workshop, they gave us Obama, Durban, Blegoiyavic, Rahm Emmanuel, etc. I live in Southeast Missouri, when I have to drive to Kentucky and beyond I avoid as much as possible. Just have to cross the Mississippi to Cairo cross the Ohio to Kentucky. It’s 10 minutes in the armpit that I hate. High taxes are running their productive citizens off, the 2nd amendment was written with states like Illinois in mind. Screw them!

  3. Brad_in_IL says:

    The bill died in committee. That doesn’t mean the Dems won’t try again, but at least for now, this threat to liberty has passed

  4. pigpen51 says:

    I note that they did this on Memorial day. Kind of like thanking the vets who died and then pissing on their graves. One thing I see though, is coming soon to a state near you. These assholes are not done, not by a long shot.

  5. censusdesignatedplace says:

    And true to form, California says, oh yeah? Hold my beer.

  6. EJ says:

    Last I checked the bill was still alive and kicking. Just waiting tor the senate to vote on the amendments. And of course JB will sign it if he hasnt already keeled over from a geart attack.
    It will be a mess, probably sorted out in the courts, and of course taxpayers will have to pay for that long drawn out legal battle too.

    Seems like a good reason to find a home in Indiana!

  7. Arpad Deli says:

    Hi Kenny,
    It’s Ill-n-nois(e) … as “MIKE” would say….”It’s behind enemy lines!!!!” We are on the other side.. WTF do we care what they do??
    So they are in the “CONUS!!” as the rag heads said when I worked for Grumman aero in Isfahn Iran back in ’76…”MOHAM NIEST!!!” (it does not matter!!)
    Dig it. we are a “divided Country” we just need to start spreading the concertina wire to make it proper!!!

  8. John Eperjesi says:

    Seems to me back in the early 70’s a court issued a ruling that the government could not charge more for issuing a license than the actual cost to the government for the license. This was because they jacked up the license fees on CB radio licenses.

  9. enn ess says:

    Brad_in_IL : And for everyone else as well. The “Threat to Liberty” is NEVER over. The forces that threaten Liberty are in constant motion, and the battle is always “ON”. Those that threaten liberty and control of others are worse than an invading insect horde, and often as bright….. Freedom is never Free!

  10. Spin Drift says:

    I escaped Ill-annoys five years ago. My outlaws who have roots that go back to the civil war are talking about leaving finally. I think it was the 100% gas tax hike that got to them. The Chicago company I work for is being bled to death by the regs, taxes, min wage, corruption payouts (campaign contributions) and every tom, dick and harry having their hand in the till.


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