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Nailed it

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Fox News’ Jesse Watters tells you EXACTLY what this Ukraine-impeachment push by Dems, Deep State, is REALLY about

(NationalSentinel) We think it might be time for Fox News‘ Jesse Watters to invest in some personal security, because he is killing it when it comes to exposing the motivations behind the latest attempt to depose President Donald Trump. We … Continue reading

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Liberal hypocrisy

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Sold: Charles Dickens’s Liquor Log

On June 6, 1870, Charles Dickens strolled into the cellar of his country house, Gad’s Hill Place in Kent, and surveyed his liquor stores. The day before, wine merchants at Joseph Ellis & Sons had dropped off a cask of … Continue reading

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Repress your own people and leave us alone, China

A Chinese government panel recently invited gun control activists from the United States, along with diplomats and human rights activists for a hearing in Beijing on gun violence in the U.S. In an article that appeared Wednesday on China’s state-run … Continue reading

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A Platform of Urban Decline

Democratic accusations that America is endemically racist are becoming ever more frequent and strident. At the last presidential debate, Pete Buttigieg announced that “systemic racism” will “be with us” regardless of who wins the presidency; Beto O’Rourke claimed that racism … Continue reading

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Drinking beer through a straw will fuck you up faster, kiddo

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California: Thieves Go Wild – Take Advantage Of State Law That Protects Shoplifters

Once again, in the Land of Fruits and Nuts, the criminals have outsmarted the lawmakers. In 2014 California passed Proposition 47, which made theft of property valued at less than $950 a misdemeanor offense. The previous threshold was $450. Guess … Continue reading

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Monday gifdump

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What a cutie

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A PSA from your ol’ buddy Wirecutter

The United States Food and Drug Administration is warning pet owners to stay away from Performance Dog frozen raw pet food produced on or after July 22, 2019, after a sample tested positive for salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes. Two samples … Continue reading

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And the Oscar goes to…..

16-year-old Greta Thunberg’s emotional accusations about climate change went viral on the internet and social media. The event was as staged and choreographed in a similar fashion to Nayirah’s testimony. Instead of tears, young Greta played the victim. Naturally, the … Continue reading

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She’s worse than Obama without his teleprompter

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Fucking Mondays…

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Fucking Nashville, man…..

I’ve told you the Muslims are seeking and gaining political office and if Christians are going to stand down in the face of them and their false gods, well, you’re going to get what you deserve. The latest evidence is … Continue reading

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Damn, dude – eat a fucking porkchop

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A quick question for you

Does anybody else have a problem connecting with this blog using Exfinity? One of my readers sent me an email saying my blog was the only one he couldn’t connect to using either Chrome, Firefox or Edge. He keeps getting … Continue reading

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Your Monday Morning Florida Report

A Florida teacher has been reassigned after a question on a quiz referred to President Donald Trump as an “idiot.” The incident happened in a Computer Applications class at Watson B. Duncan Middle School in Palm Beach Gardens, said the … Continue reading

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