Deer hunting is a ritualistic practice, built on a foundation of traditional values, rights of passage and an emotional calling to the wild. Hunters tap into their primal instincts to develop strategies that translate to meat in the freezer, and eventually pass them down from one generation to the next.

Naturally, that first hunt between a parent and a child is somewhat ceremonial, and one that most deer-hunting parents dream of and cherish when it finally comes.

In this particular video, we have a guy from McCool, Mississippi, who took his daughter out for her first hunt.

Watch the video below:

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  1. anonymous says:

    My Brother’s and my deer hunts began with Dad totin’ his 30-30 Winchester into the brush, his two 8 and 9 year old sons in tow. He looked irritated at the sounds we made as we clumsily walked through the brush, asking him questions like ‘Where’s the deer ?’ The hunt ended at a hill, where Dad allowed us to shoot a cactus pad with his 30-30. The Weaver K2.5 had parallax from Hell and due to offset scope mount to side of receiver, did not help with allowing us a solid cheek weld. We couldn’t even place the rifle’s butt properly on our shoulders.

    BOOM !

    Nearly knocked us over our butts, did not expect it would be so loud. Probably one of the proudest moments of my life – finally got to shoot a real deer rifle.

    Years later, we killed our first deer, but it was our first deer hunts which were really special. RIP Dad – still taking care of your Winchester 94.

    Deer season for Texas opens November 2 – can’t wait.

  2. Butch says:

    One year me and wife #2 came home to Texas to see my folks and hunt deer. The blinds on Dad’s ranch were open top 4′ X 4′ boxes 8 feet off the ground. We got to the ranch late one afternoon, the four of us my folks and me and wifey. The next morning we all got up early and Dad went one way to climb in his favorite blind and me and wifey went to another one.

    We got to the blind before sun up and I was teaching her how to hold the rifle and aim etc. It wasn’t long before we both got horny so we stripped away just enough clothes and had a good fuck. Soon the sun was up and we hadn’t seen or heard shit from any deer, so we weren’t even whispering anymore. We weren’t loud but, we didn’t think there were any deer close enough to hear.

    Before long it was time to fuck again, and we were barely getting back into our clothes when a nice doe popped into view. I told wife to shoot it, but she demurred and I took it. One shot, 270, in the neck, and it dropped in her tracks.

    We waited a little bit and then I decided I would walk back to the pickup and then take Dad’s dog who was in the pickup back to camp and tie her, the dog, up and then drive back to the blind and fetch my doe.

    In the meantime wifey shoots her first deer. When I get back to the blind she’s all in a dither because the deer ran off. I tracked the blood trail, turns out wife gut shot the deer and it ran several hundred feet into the brush. I finally got the deer out of the brush and both loaded in the truck and then we picked up my Dad and began cleaning deer.

  3. Fred says:

    My all time favorite – “I’m not cold!”
    Buck Fever at its Finest!
    RT 01:35

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