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Your Final Friday Florida Report

FEBRUARY 27–A Florida Man was arrested yesterday on a felony battery charge after allegedly dumping a bucket of cow manure over the head of a victim, police report. According to a complaint affidavit, Jose Ramirez-Callejas, 47, attacked the victim at … Continue reading

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Man sues Sacramento County over being jailed for 27 days, never charged

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A man filed a lawsuit against Sacramento County claiming he was held in jail for 27 days after a DUI-related arrest and never charged. The lawsuit says Taylor Brophy was turned over to Folsom police by a … Continue reading

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Granddaddy’s Gun: My Most Prized Possession

Hanging on the wall of our hallway is one of my most prized possessions: a Winchester Model 37 single shot 410 shotgun. The trigger guard rattles from decades of wear and the wooden stock is now showing signs of cracking. … Continue reading

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Your Friday Florida Report #6

APOPKA, Fla. (WESH)— An off-duty deputy shot a man multiple times as the man broke into her Apopka home with an ax, Orange County Sheriff John Mina said. Mina said around 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday a man who had been … Continue reading

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Oh yeah, snorting up a crushed Valium is better than heroin if you have your grandkid in the car…..

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – First responders revived a woman in South Nashville Thursday from a drug overdose while her grandchild was in the vehicle. Nashville Fire Department personnel initially responded to the scene Thursday because this started as a medical … Continue reading

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Best Rock Songs of the Vietnam War

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Understanding Your Rifle Scope

USA – -( Selecting a rifle scope can be deceptively difficult. Prices seem to have exponential variances and most people will tell you whatever they own is the best for their application. Some brands are known for having a great … Continue reading

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Tennessee’s using Texas’s plan to ease prison overcrowding

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – Tennessee has set two new execution dates, just days after putting to death its seventh inmate in the past year-and-a-half. MORE

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Your Friday Florida Report #5

A Florida man set his hospital bed on fire in a desperate attempt to get a nurse’s attention, police said. John King, 75, admitted to police he used a silver and red Bic lighter to ignite a plastic bag in … Continue reading

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And dumbass tweekers will fall for it

JOHNSON CITY, Texas (Gray News) – Police in central Texas say they have reason to believe methamphetamine in Blanco County may be contaminated with the coronavirus and should be checked. The offer comes in a public service announcement posted by … Continue reading

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Wait….. a member of what did WHAT???

A member of the Puppetry of the Penis duo has suffered a testicle injury with a corkscrew during a performance. David Friend is the creator of the naked comedy group and hurt himself at a show at the Adelaide Fringe … Continue reading

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Tunnel Rats in Vietnam

If fighting the well-defended Viet Cong on their home turf wasn’t dangerous enough, imagine having to crawl your way through a series of extremely tight and narrow underground tunnels to capture or kill them. Armed with only a flashlight, a … Continue reading

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Finally, an excuse to shoot that asshole dog Jack

HONG KONG (NEXSTAR) — The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department in Hong Kong on Friday said a dog tested “weak positive” for coronavirus (COVID-19). According to and other sources, if confirmed, this is the first known case of a … Continue reading

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Your Friday Florida Report #4

A 21-year-old street corner sign-twirler who makes $25 a day found an envelope with $20,000 comprised of hundred-dollar bills and found it in his heart to turn it in. Benjamin Feliciano of Port St. Lucie, Florida, makes his living promoting … Continue reading

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Better than the OJ chase

(LOS ANGELES) — It has all the hallmarks of an only-in-Los Angeles crime: A thief stole a hearse — with a body inside — that went on a wild ride, ending with a chase and a crash on a busy … Continue reading

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The shit I post on Facebook

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And 100,000 people will eat duck in the next week or two

China will send troops of ducks to Pakistan to help battle against a huge locust infestation that poses a threat to regional food security. At least 100,000 ducks will be deployed 4,827 kilometres (nearly 3,000 miles) from the eastern province … Continue reading

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Well, this shooting will be dropped from the narrative

The Milwaukee man who killed five co-workers at a beer company’s corporate office is a black Elizabeth Warren supporter, providing a clue as to why the mass shooting disappeared from the discussion so quickly. MORE –Chuck ***** He also didn’t … Continue reading

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And the whining immediately started…

NASHVILLE, Tennessee — People on the left side of the political spectrum warned Thursday that more Tennesseans will die if Republican Gov. Bill Lee gets his way on his proposed Constitutional Carry Law. Lee, flanked by several Republican members of … Continue reading

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Your Friday Florida Report #3

FEBRUARY 25–Bryan Delgado-Villatoro will not soon forget his 24th birthday. After his topless girlfriend provided him with oral and manual favors while they were driving earlier this month, Delgado-Villatoro and Heder Priscilla Cascante-Vargas, 23, began arguing inside their 2010 Toyota … Continue reading

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