What did I tell you?

A few hours ago I posted about how crime was increasing in many jurisdictions due to the release of felons from prison, thanks to concerns over the spread of coronavirus. I also mentioned other factors contributing to the rise in crime, including that many police forces are no longer responding to, or even recording, what they consider “minor” or “non-violent” crimes. Sucks to be told the law enforcement that your taxes pay for isn’t going to help you if you’re a victim of crime, doesn’t it?

Well, guess what I just learned?

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10 Responses to What did I tell you?

  1. skipperdaddy says:

    I aint planning on calling them anyway.

  2. They will still serve warrants for non-support, non-payment of traffic fines or tickets, and will go door to door collecting for the Police Benevolent society.

  3. nonncom says:

    My friend has a sign on his property with a picture of his “AR 14″….”We don’t call 911″….

  4. crazyeighter says:

    “Well, guess what I just learned?”

    That if police do not arrest and the courts do not prosecute, then the crime statistics go down?

  5. bogsidebunny says:

    Cops are and never have been much more than “report takers”. You in the shit it’s your responsibility to take care of business. Hell, even the California Liberals have suddenly realized that looking at the recent run on Los Angeles gun stores.

  6. Chris Mallory says:

    It is sad this measure is coming under such attack. If the suspect is no longer there, what is the point of having an overpaid, steroid addicted thug come out to write out a report? Do you need training to check a few boxes on a government form? File the report online or over the phone. If you come home and your house has been broken into and the criminal is no longer there, what do you think the cops are going to do? They will write a report and look for some reason to arrest you, at least to run the names of everyone on scene to see if you have any warrants. Judging from past performance, you are safer if the cops don’t show up. At least then no one will shoot your dog, manhandle your wife, molest your kids or treat you like a Aryan Brotherhood member who just shanked a guard.

    • crazyeighter says:

      Trying for the third time…
      Under the scenario you described, the only reason I’d contact the PO-leece is to have a report to give to my insurance agent.

      And for bogsidebunny, a lot of California Liberals are finding out contrary to what The Anointed One told them, that it IS harder “to buy a gun than a book.”

  7. Buddha says:

    While having those signs posted on your house or stickers on your vehicle make a statement, I will never advertise to all that I have guns. I am not and can not be there every minute of every day. It doesn’t take much recon to get someone’s pattern down. Weapons are not very effective when locked in a safe and I am not going to gather and lock them up every time I leave, only to unlock and disperse them upon arrival. I just don’t think it wise to advertise that your home or vehicle is a potential jackpot. Just something to consider.

  8. RBP says:

    There is NO situation that cannot be made worse by the addition of someone wearing a badge.


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