A to Z – foodgrower articles

Back at the end of August, foodgrower asked if I’d be open to posting articles written by him concerning gardening/farming/preps for Patriots and submitted a nice sample for me to check out.
I was so impressed by the content that I immediately agreed to post them as is with only minor editing for formatting.
The articles are fantastic. I’ve done some gardening and done farm work myself but I was really surprised at what I didn’t know. Actually, I’ve learned that I’ve been doing damned near everything wrong – well, maybe not wrong but there is a much better way. The information from these articles are going to make the difference between ‘What the fuck happened to my greens’ to ‘Holy shit, we need to buy more canning jars’. The articles are lengthy – this is good, that means the subject is covered well.
The response to them has been overwhelming. The posts have generated a decent amount of intelligent comments and even more importantly, questions from readers. foodgrower also follows up on his posts and answers any questions that anybody may have – even ones they don’t want to hear.

Because of the valuable information he so generously provides, I’ve decided to create a new page dedicated to his posts. This will do two things: #1 New readers won’t have to search through the blog to find previous articles and #2 current readers who garden/truck farm can easily go back and reference something they’ve read before.
The articles are listed in the order they were posted, but you can see what’s in each link just by reading the titles to keep you from having to plow through all the articles to find something.
Links will be added to the bottom of the list as they are posted to keep everybody up to date.

Inbreeding, crossbreeding and seeds

foodgrower’s bona fides and qualifications

Square footage, organic vs modern, rotations, pollination, and storage

Fallacies, storage of your bounty, varietals, gardening space, quantities, and labor hours

Back to the Basics – seed, soil, water, sun, time, seeds or starters and how to do both, make your own homemade starter kits.
You should probably start with this one.

The foundation of it all, this thing we call dirt – soil, water, and composting



Collecting and Storing Seed


Avoiding My Mistakes – Infrastructure, Irrigation, Fertilizers

Food Growing 2016

Foodgrowing – Scared Spitless

Seed Starting

Food Growing – Beyond The Garden

Food Growing – At an Impasse and A Vignette of Life (In Three Acts)

Missed Questions/Tomatoes/Preserving Genetics/Fresh Manures