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Okay, here’s the deal. The site went down earlier and I went to the forums which pretty much told me what the issue was. Only problem was, I couldn’t access my dashboard to try to fix it myself, so I … Continue reading

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It’s Wirecutter Appreciation Week!

Actually not a whole week, maybe just a couple days. I ain’t worth a whole week. It’s time for my annual fundraiser. If you like what you see here, you can show some appreciation for all my hard work and … Continue reading

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Sorry ’bout the late start this morning

Had a rough night last night with weird dreams when I was able to sleep. I bet I woke up a dozen times last night. I was shocked when I woke up and it was 7:30. I haven’t slept that … Continue reading

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Shit, I meant to post this yesterday

Lisa’s mother is having knee surgery this morning and we’re going to be at the hospital most if not all morning. Hell, probably part of the afternoon, too. Because GoDaddy still isn’t finished migrating this site back to Linux, I’m … Continue reading

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Problems with this blog and hopefully a solution

As y’all know, I had some issues a couple months ago with this blog, in fact, it went down for several days when I contacted GoDaddy and asked for their help. The site did come back up, but there were … Continue reading

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Sorry, folks

I had to cut you short today. A close friend of ours had a medical emergency and was taken to the hospital by ambulance. They wouldn’t let his wife ride with them and she was a nervous wreck so I … Continue reading

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If it ain’t one thing, it’s another

It was brought to my attention a few minutes ago that a post from my site was missing. I checked it on my computer and it was there, but when I went to my Kindle, the site went from Page … Continue reading

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Christmas week

Just wanted to let y’all know that since I’m still not able to pre-schedule anything, posting will be light this week at least until Thursday. I should be able to get a normal day’s worth up today, but tomorrow will … Continue reading

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Light posting today

I don’t know how light, it depends on what all Lisa’s going to have me doing today, but it will be lighter than usual. Maybe. Probably.

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I’m back, and I thank each and every one of you

It’s been a rough weekend for sure. I didn’t get much of anything done, including the work I had planned to do on this blog to get it running smoothly again. I’ll be doing some light posting through out the … Continue reading

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A Great Gift Idea

Folks, about 10-12 days ago I got Part III of The Pilgrim’s Progress (an illustrated novel) in the mail from Stevie Vossos who is a regular reader here and a really great down-to-earth guy. This is in addition to Parts … Continue reading

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And….. I’m down again

Every time I click on something, it directs me to a page that says WordPress has successfully updated, then sends me to the blog itself, not my super secret squirrel dashboard where I work my magic. The only reason I … Continue reading

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feeling cute, might throw my computer up against the motherfucking wall later, idk

Frustrating….. I’ve had nothing but problems with this site ever since GoDaddy resurrected it from the dead Monday. They did their part, now it’s time for WordPress and Jetpack to get it together. First it was just trying to figure … Continue reading

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Well, shit.

I’ve tried to schedule 5 posts to make sure there’s no problem with scheduling and all 5 missed publication. I’ve already scheduled a full day’s worth of posts for tomorrow, but given what’s happened so far today with that, I’m … Continue reading

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Post text test

I hate this new page editor. It’s harder to navigate, takes me 3 times longer to do a post, the font I’m seeing is different from what appears on the blog and Epstein didn’t kill himself.

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Black Death Coffee

Whoever is sending me the Black Death and Black Rifle coffee, thank you. That shit has legs and a great flavor to boot. It’s very much appreciated.

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Light posting today, folks

I had a bunch of shit to do this weekend and just didn’t have time to look for news articles or the time to post them. I’ve scheduled your regular picture posts throughout the day, but that’s about it. We’ll … Continue reading

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Can we all wish Miss Lisa a belated Happy Birthday?

Her birthday was the 5th but I was so damned busy Friday that I flat out forgot to post about it. I know she’d get a kick out of Birthday wishes, so if you can take a quick moment to … Continue reading

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Light posting today

I had a bunch of shit come up yesterday that needed my semi-undivided attention, so posting’s going to be light today. You’ll get your picture post every couple hours and a gifdump at its regular time, but I can’t promise … Continue reading

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The things I go through for you people

The spam attack I posted about last Friday HERE is over, thank God. Either that or those Heathen Chinee are taken a breather, but whatever it is, I haven’t had to deal with it for a couple days now. When … Continue reading

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