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A Passing – by wes

A brief storm had deposited a two inch cap of wet snow on top of the foot of snow already blanketing the dirt track. It was just enough to make walking tough but not deep enough for snowshoes. There was … Continue reading

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Praxis – Introduction to Route Finding by wes

Praxis Series Introduction to Route Finding (Using Your Compass)   Definition of praxis (credit Merriam-Webster online dictionary 2018) plural praxes play \ˈprak-ˌsēz\ 1 : action, practice: such as a : exercise or practice of an art, science, or skill The following three pdf downloads are of … Continue reading

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Tales From Elk Camp by wes

Tales From Elk Camp   Hunting Success Report – Tagged – Two Lost Hunters, One Spike Bull   Damn, I had broken one of my iron fast rules, never take someone I didn’t know, and hadn’t gone shooting with at … Continue reading

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Full Circles – by wes

Perhaps this is a little too personal and really isn’t appropriate to share here, however I consider many of you compatriots, if not friends, even though we haven’t met and what better place to let down your hair than among … Continue reading

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Knife Sharpening by wes

A while back Wes had inquired about a Praxis series, similar to what MBV had on Sipsey Street Irregulars. I thought it was a good idea, but Life got in the way for both of us and it stalled for … Continue reading

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This hasn’t been news for years and years

JAMES SAT CAMPED outside the main branch of the Santa Monica Public Library on a recent sunny day, his meager belongings in a backpack, and explained how his bout of homelessness started: He fell off the roof of a three-story … Continue reading

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Making Do by wes

Making Do It was a hundred twelve degrees in the shade and there wasn’t any shade. There were yellow jackets though and they were aggressive. Dad and I were pawing through the local dump looking to scrounge up some sheet … Continue reading

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Passing It Down by wes

Passing It Down I came up on him without his being aware that I was there. I stood in the timber back of him watching. He was making rough going of dressing out the elk he had shot a while … Continue reading

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A Kid’s Life by wes

A Kids Life Over on the Wild Side Too many kids today, with their face stuck in a smartphone, don’t know what they are missing out on. Being a kid in the far back country, exploring places so remote you … Continue reading

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Fun and Games – by Wes

Fun and Games What Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You Stronger The truth is childhood was comprised of a lot of hard, sometimes brutal, work but it wasn’t all work, there was fun in there too. A byproduct of moving all … Continue reading

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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly – by Wes

The Good The mare has been down for about forty minutes. We’ve been expecting this, just not today. A shudder goes through her and you can tell she is straining. There’s a young girl in the stall with us and … Continue reading

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Wes vents

Hi I’m Wes, what some call an old, white guy. Of the three genders – male, female and all fucked up, I identify as male. I’m wearing a ball cap, generic gray shirt, blue jeans and logging boots. My face … Continue reading

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