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Ed Drew

Ed Drew (August 22, 1865 – May 15, 1911) was an Arizona rancher, miner, and lawman in the final years of the Old West. He is most remembered for his family of pioneers and his death during a shootout near … Continue reading

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Stories from Vietnam with MAC V-SOG Operator John Stryker “Tilt” Meyer

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Tom Bell

Tom Bell (1825 – October 4, 1856) was a western outlaw and physician known as the “Outlaw Doc”. He is the first outlaw to organize a stagecoach robbery in the United States. MORE

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USMC Sniper Carlos Hathcock

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The B-17

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Yginio Salazar

Yginio Salazar (February 14, 1858 – January 7, 1936) was a member of the Lincoln County Regulators during the Lincoln County War. Although he is sometimes referred to as the youngest of the Lincoln County Regulators, this is almost certainly … Continue reading

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The Mountain Meadows Massacre

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Saigon 1967

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Graduate Student Discovers One of World’s Oldest Swords in Mislabeled Monastery Display

Just weeks after a team of German researchers announced that an archaeology intern had unearthed a spectacular, 2,000-year-old Roman dagger in North Rhine-Westphalia, headlines are touting another student-led discovery centered on one of the oldest swords ever found. MORE –Rurik

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Vietnam War Combat Dogs

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Jim Leavy

James H. Leavy (1842 – June 5, 1882) was an Irish gunfighter in the Old West. He is remembered today by Western historians for participating in at least two instances of a quick draw duel. In his time, Leavy was … Continue reading

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Chopper Pilot

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And now you know…

In 1815, dentistry as we know it today was in its infancy – and the mouths of the rich were rotten. So they took teeth for their dentures from the bodies of tens of thousands of dead soldiers on the … Continue reading

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Shotgun John Collins

Abraham G. Graham (November 22, 1851 – December 2, 1922), known by the alias “Shotgun” John Collins, was a little-known though well-associated gunfighter and outlaw of the American Old West. Abraham G. Graham was born on his grandmother’s plantation in … Continue reading

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The Missions of Spookies, Spectres, and Shadows

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On This Day

On March 6, 1836, after 13 days of intermittent fighting, the Battle of the Alamo comes to a gruesome end, capping off a pivotal moment in the Texas Revolution. Mexican forces were victorious in recapturing the fort, and nearly all … Continue reading

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The Devil’s Rope Museum

Pull into the Texas Panhandle town of McLean along old Route 66, walk past the two balls of rusty barbed wires, each 3 feet in diameter, and enter the Devil’s Rope Museum: You just might learn a whole lot about … Continue reading

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Pink Higgins

John Pinckney Calhoun Higgins, better known as “Pink” Higgins (March 28, 1851 – December 18, 1913), was a gunman and cowboy of the Old West. He is known to have killed 14 men in his lifetime. John Higgins was born … Continue reading

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Judge Roy Bean

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Tunnel Rats in Vietnam

If fighting the well-defended Viet Cong on their home turf wasn’t dangerous enough, imagine having to crawl your way through a series of extremely tight and narrow underground tunnels to capture or kill them. Armed with only a flashlight, a … Continue reading

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