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Good luck with that, especially right now

The claim: The U.S. House of Representatives introduced an assault weapons ban bill The Facebook page Military Arms Channel stated in a post in March that a bill introduced in the House of Representatives, if passed, would ban assault weapons. … Continue reading

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Bernie’s out

WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. Bernie Sanders, who saw his once strong lead in the Democratic primary evaporate as the party’s establishment lined swiftly up behind rival Joe Biden, ended his presidential bid on Wednesday, an acknowledgment that the former vice … Continue reading

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Left Moving from Proof of Concept to Execution on Plan to Bring Down America

Three things now moving rapidly below the surface of American politics and culture should alert conservatives to the extreme danger now facing the United States and the future of constitutional government. The first is the successful execution of the Chinese … Continue reading

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Insatiable greed – but I don’t know if it can be stopped

I’ve been struck by how many pressure groups are doing everything they can to get their clients included in federal government bailouts following the coronavirus pandemic. They defy logic and reason while appealing to emotion, patriotism, naked self-interest (“Our people … Continue reading

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Oh, this is gonna be good!

Former Vice President Joe Biden has been accused of sexual assaulting a former staffer in 1993 in his Senate office. Tara Reade, who worked in Biden’s office in 1993, accused Biden of touching her, kissing her and penetrating her with … Continue reading

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Jill Biden is the Answer

Almost every night, all of America is witness to Joe Biden’s seemingly progressive mental decline on full display. The decline expresses itself in surprisingly different forms each night. It all adds up to what we laymen are certain is age-advanced … Continue reading

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Virginia’s Governor Has Made It a Crime for More Than 10 People to Attend a Church Service

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam issued an executive order on Monday that is aimed at stopping the new coronavirus — and, in the process, makes it a criminal offense to hold a church service attended by more than 10 people. Yes, … Continue reading

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Michigan’s governor follows Nevada governor’s lead

Governor Gretchen Whitmer from the Michigan Directorate has threatened to turn the eye of the state upon any doctor or pharmacist who would attempt to prescribe chloroquine to treat their patients suffering from coronavirus. Medical licenses may need to be … Continue reading

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Fear and Panic for A Purpose – The Coronavirus Evolves Into “The Blue Plague”

The “Blue Plague” is an intentional effort by various interests to create fear-porn amid the American population by intentionally hyping a mass hysteria about the coronavirus. In many ways the Blue Plague is exponentially more dangerous than COVID-19 itself. Earlier … Continue reading

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All Latinos Don’t Vote the Same Way

Joe Biden won Florida’s 2020 Democratic primary, capturing a majority of the state’s Latino voters. Polls have been tracking the Latino vote in Democratic presidential primaries, and many analysts are trying to predict which candidate Latinos might favor in November. … Continue reading

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Pelosi Suffers Massive Political Hit – Abandons House Scheme – Announces Acceptance of Senate Bill

You can tell when Speaker Pelosi recognizes a political backlash for her manipulative schemes because it’s the only time she blitzes the media. After suffering a very large political hit, beyond the capability of the media to defend, Pelosi said … Continue reading

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Here is the Far-Left Wish List Nancy Pelosi Just Blew Everything Up For

As previously reported, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi came back to Washington D.C. last night after a week long recess and blew up days of emergency relief work done by the Senate. She wants to write her own far left bill … Continue reading

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See, most folks call that lying, not ‘describing your position inaccurately’

Earlier this week, we discussed Joe Biden’s crazy, over-the-top promises regarding the oil and gas industry during the last Democratic debate. He vowed that there would be “no new fracking” after he takes office. He doubled down from there saying … Continue reading

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Dianne Feinstein, 3 Senate colleagues sold off stocks before coronavirus crash

Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California and three of her Senate colleagues reported selling off stocks worth millions of dollars in the days before the coronavirus outbreak crashed the market, according to reports. The data is listed on a U.S. Senate … Continue reading

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Keep that shit in Somalia

The man who came forward to say on the record that leftist congresswoman Ilhan Omar married her own brother has told he is now in fear for his life. A woman close to Omar posted a YouTube video packed … Continue reading

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Your Monday Morning Florida Report

Andrew Gillum, who in 2018 came within 34,000 votes of becoming Florida’s governor, was discovered by police at a South Beach hotel early Friday morning in a room with bags of possible methamphetamine and in the company of a man … Continue reading

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After Coronavirus, Marsha Blackburn Bill Might Bring Drug Manufacturers Back to the United States

U.S. Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee said the United States should rely less on China for pharmaceutical drugs, especially because of the coronavirus, and she will file legislation Wednesday to help make that happen.MORE

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“We’re not going to take your AR-14s!”

Former Vice President Joe Biden was videotaped shouting at an auto worker about guns during a campaign stop in Michigan Tuesday. The audio in the video is not clear, but at one point the former vice president can be heard … Continue reading

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Nikki Haley’s slip is showing

One of the biggest fears I have is that in 2024 people will not understand just how bad Nikki Haley is. Electing Haley after President Trump in 2024 is the equivalent of electing George Bush following Reagan in 1988. This … Continue reading

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Gun Owners of America Applies for a Red Flag Order for Senator Charles Schumer

In the wake of Senator Chuck Schumer’s threat against two Supreme Court Justices… “I want to tell you, Gorsuch, I want to tell you, Kavanaugh, you have released the whirlwind, and you will pay the price. You won’t know what … Continue reading

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