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Been there done that

A Burger King drive-thru customer was arrested last Thursday after employees reported they suspected she was under the influence. According to a report compiled by Lafayette Police Department Patrolman Byron Butcher, BK employees stated that the woman, later identified as … Continue reading

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Four years ago today, a judge told Sam Kerodin of III Arms and the III Percent Society to kiss my ass when he issued a decision in my favor after Sammy filed a restraining order and a $10,000 lawsuit against … Continue reading

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So much for The Noble Redskin

I used to, on some level, accept the popular notion that Native Americans were more spiritual and in tune with nature than European Americans, and that it was European Americans who brought war, sexism, and environmental degradation to an otherwise … Continue reading

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Small town life

I had to run to the store Sunday to pick up a couple things for dinner, and I avoided the Walmart entrance like I usually do, going through the Krystal’s entrance and parking lot instead. Now, right smack in the … Continue reading

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My Monday

I had to take that asshole dog Jack in to get his shots today. Fuuuuuck….. When I scheduled the appointment last week, I ask for a time when they weren’t going to be busy seeing as last time he was … Continue reading

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Crazy Charlie LaFitte – The Early Years

In case you’re new here: Crazy Charlie Lafitte Part One Crazy Charlie LaFitte Part Two

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The day Mexican food caused me to almost burn my house down before I even moved in

My house had gotten raided by the Stanislaus County Drug Enforcement Unit (SCDEU, pronounced Skiddoo) on Valentine’s Day, 1987. While they didn’t find what they thought they were going to find, they weren’t giving up. I’d see their cars driving … Continue reading

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Man, where did the time go?

My birthday is coming up Sunday. My 60th… Holy shit. I’ve got mixed feelings about it. While I’m glad I made it 60 which is about twice what I figured I’d live given my lifestyle when I was younger, I’m … Continue reading

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When it rains it pours

We just got hit by another storm and it split that pecan tree again – well, not really split it but it finished what Friday night’s storm started. There was one great big heavy branch coming from the trunk that … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day, Old Man

An image from a site that honors those that died after the Vietnam War from injuries or Agent Orange. You can go HERE and click on his profile to read what Mom wrote about him. She got most of it … Continue reading

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Mama was right, I am a bad influence

Our grandkids live in Franklin Kentucky, so when the grandson wants to come spend the weekend with us, we usually meet them in Westmoreland at Mike’s Foodland which is just about halfway. I like shopping Mike’s because it’s got a … Continue reading

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If I was wearing short britches…

My legs have not seen the sun since 1969 and I’m not fucking kidding. My uncle Ed had taken me and my other uncle to the lake where he promptly got fucked up and passed out under a tree, so … Continue reading

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When you gotta go, you gotta go

I talked with my mom for a few minutes tonight for the first time in quite a while. Neither of us have ever felt the need to stay in constant contact, except for when I was in the army when … Continue reading

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I’ve been that fucked up before

My favorite caption when I post a picture of a drunk is “I’ve been that fucked up before” and folks, I ain’t lying. I was a heavy drinker when I was a youngster and I’ve done some seriously off the … Continue reading

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Life’s mysteries and shit

Several times in the past month, I’ve walked out to my truck and discovered weird mud splatters on the passenger side. Not wheel spray, although there’s plenty of that, but almost like somebody’s thrown a handful of mud at it. … Continue reading

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Practice makes perfect, right?

I used to practice my coyote calling in the truck. I got some weird looks rolling through town, but fuck ’em. An added benefit was stop lights. If I timed it right, I’d be the first one at the starting … Continue reading

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“Look children, a pheasant!”

I was sitting up against a building in the ghost town of Bodie about 20 years ago when a sage hen came around the corner pecking away and a woman says to her 3 kids, “Look children, a pheasant!” Now … Continue reading

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It’s true, I’m a real catch

I got a proposal of marriage (kinda sorta) the other day. I was in the Walmart parking lot behind a little old lady that stood about 4 feet nothing and she’s just creeping along towards her little SUV which was … Continue reading

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Jack don’t like Copenhagen

I was getting a chew and he saw something that looked like it might be going in my mouth so he jumped up with his paws on the arm of my chair and stuck his nose down in the can. … Continue reading

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Shades of Crazy Charlie Lafitte

In case you’ve missed the exploits of Crazy Charlie Lafitte you can catch Part One HERE and Part Two with the pigeon kicking HERE. Enjoy.

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