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And there’s white wimmens out there that will pay for it

Saira Rao and Regina Jackson run Race to Dinner, a for-profit organization that charges white women $2,500 per roundtable struggle session to examine their complicity in institutional racism. Penguin Random House, one of the largest publishers in the United States, … Continue reading

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Vermont Decrees Home Farming “Non Essential”, Forbids The Selling of Seeds

Comrades, the administrative state will take care of all your food needs. There is no reason to be self-sufficient in the production of food products. As a result Vermont has designated the selling of seeds as “non-essential” and blocked from … Continue reading

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Mucho panico

Thousands of residents in the border state of Nuevo Leon rushed supermarkets and convenience stores to purchase massive quantities of beer after the shutdown of breweries. The panic buying comes as health officials ask the public to stay indoors and … Continue reading

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7 of the Most Outrageous Medical Treatments in History

It’s hard to keep up with the treatment recommendations coming out of the medical community. One day something is good for you, and the next day it’s deadly and should be avoided. Addictive drugs like heroin were given to kids … Continue reading

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Damn, how can they survive on that?

Hard-drinking Australians were given strict warnings Tuesday to cut down on their booze intake with new national limits set to restrict buyers to 12 bottles of wine and two cases of beer per person, per day as part of a … Continue reading

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And now for the rest of the story:

Shortly after President Trump touted chloroquine as a potential cure for COVID-19, the media triumphantly reported that a man died from taking homemade chloroquine due to Trump’s recommendation. It turned out that the man’s wife fed him some fish tank … Continue reading

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Your Wednesday Morning Florida Report

HUDSON, FL — Despite the Florida Department of Health reporting his death Friday, 46-year-old Hudson resident Gene Della Sala, the first Pasco County resident to test positive for the coronavirus, said he’s feeling “90 percent better.” MORE –WiscoDave

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Gotta get your freak on

Governor Andrew Cuomo is looked upon as a true leader in his state of New York amid the coronavirus pandemic, and while residents dutifully watch his daily press conferences for updates on COVID-19, users online have noticed something else about … Continue reading

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Tampa Bay Sheriff Arrests Christian Pastor For Providing “Non-Essential” Church Services

“[Government] shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government … Continue reading

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This Too Shall Pass

Thankfully as a nation this crisis is causing us to reevaluate our priorities: faith, family, community and freedom; and seeing the easy dispatch of liberty also reignites that oft forgotten flickering flame… Journalists are less important than janitors. Our nation’s … Continue reading

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Well shit, that didn’t turn out the way they expected (or wanted), did it?

Researchers from the University of Cornell discovered that artificial intelligence systems designed to identify offensive “hate speech” flag comments purportedly made by minorities “at substantially higher rates” than remarks made by whites. Several universities maintain artificial intelligence systems designed to … Continue reading

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Pelosi Suffers Massive Political Hit – Abandons House Scheme – Announces Acceptance of Senate Bill

You can tell when Speaker Pelosi recognizes a political backlash for her manipulative schemes because it’s the only time she blitzes the media. After suffering a very large political hit, beyond the capability of the media to defend, Pelosi said … Continue reading

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Okay, now this shit is getting serious

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) – Waffle House has now closed 365 locations across the U.S. due to the coronavirus pandemic. MORE –WiscoDave

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Improvise, adapt, overcome

A New Jersey gun store owner is now offering home delivery of ammunition to legal gun owners in the state, after Gov. Phil Murphy declared that gun stores and ranges must close, ending sales but not demand for firearms and … Continue reading

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Better stock up on tequila and Canadian Whiskey while you can

President Trump’s administration is halting all non-essential travel at the United States’ southern border with Mexico and northern border with Canada beginning Saturday, March 21. MORE -WiscoDave

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San Jose Mayor Orders Gun Shop Closed as ‘Non-essential’

During a national emergency with unprecedented demand for guns nationwide, San Jose’s Mayor — someone who wanted to require gun owners to buy liability insurance — has decided that no one really needs to buy a firearm. MORE –WiscoDave

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US Automakers Shut Down

At the urging of UAW leaders, all three of Detroit’s “Big 3” automakers announced around midday on Wednesday that they would shutter all domestic production. The decision follows Daimler, BMW and a handful of other carmakers in Europe and Asia … Continue reading

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Party on, Pennsylvania, party on

Freaking out about wine and liquor stores being closed in Pennsylvania during the coronavirus shutdown? Don’t worry, you can still buy booze…for now. MORE –WiscoDave

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A must see video from a Tennessee nurse

A woman who goes by the name “Emily Annette” posted a video to her YouTube channel going off about how many stupid people there are in the world. Emily Annette made the video after going to the grocery store and … Continue reading

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Whoa whoa whoa….. WHAT???

The mayor of Champaign, Illinois has declared a town emergency over the Wuhan coronavirus that includes a potential ban on the sale of firearms and ammunition. According to a local report from WAND 17, Champaign Mayor Deborah Frank Feinen has … Continue reading

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