Sam Kerodin’s House of Cards

house of cards

Back when me and the guys first started discussing exposing what we knew about Sam and Holly Kerodin we knew we were facing a daunting task – google Kerodin yourself and start chasing the links within those links and you’ll see what I mean. You can literally spend days reading up on him. We had our own information and tidbits but we knew in our hearts there was so much more that others before us hadn’t uncovered. Man, were we right.
To make things a little easier on the next guy or the Patriot that’s new to all this I’ve put most of my Sammy posts on his own little page in the order they were posted. I’ve left out the funny ones but you can enter ‘Kerodin’ in the search box in my sidebar if you really want to see ’em.

Start at the top and work your way down. I’ll add new posts as they come out at the bottom of the list. The posts that are asterisked are ones that I feel are very important either by what is revealed or questions being asked, your gotta-reads.
Do yourself a favor and check out the comments as well. You’ll notice that there are damned few supporting Kerodin. I had no idea he was so unpopular with my readers until this shit started. But there’s also a lot of good information and links in there, as well as other’s stories about their dealings with or feelings about the Kerodins.

Also, you’ll see our anonymous friend George Patton linked in there. He’s done some excellent work and he has a way with words. His entire blog is about Kerodin so you can read it also in chronological order. Go HERE and bookmark him.

Enjoy. This is almost like watching an onion being peeled back.


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*Acta non verba….. real original, Sam…..

*Why I quit organized resistance in general and the III Percent Society in particular

*More bullshit and lies

*Same song, different title

*A Kerodin must read

Kernal III Episode 2

Words and bullshit

Did we not call this or what?

Kid stuff

Kerodin stepping down as IIIPS community organizer

Thoughts on King Kerodin’s so called abdication

*A look behind the scenes of III Arms – Jim Miller’s side

*From a III Arms ‘Founder’

The Great Sammy Speaks

*III Percent Society Really a Political Advocacy Group?

*Kerodin’s email to the Sheriff of Key West

*Sammy stepped on his dick today

*Yup, Kerodin’s house is still for sale

*Credentials? We don’t need no steenkin’ credentials!

I-I’m so lonely, Mister Lonely…..

The Badassness that is Kerodin

*That’s right, Kerodin. Liars lie.

*Another Kerodin boondoggle

Polls and shit


*That’s some low class shit right there

Sammy told the truth for once!!! Group hugs!!!

Kerodin pokes fun at himself. I think.

Hey Sammy? You ready for some company???

*Classy, Kerodin, Classy.

*George Patton hammers Kerodin again

*The ‘Flowery Letter’ and doublespeak

*The badness that is Kerodin

*Must be a lot of self hate in the Kerodin castle

*Kerodin – the douche class bitch

*See Sammy, more questions…..

*Credibility and shit

*Words Have Meanings

*Jim Miller’s letter of resignation to Sam and Holly

***Who is Courtland Grojean and Why Should You Care?

***Methinks thou bullshit too much – The Kerodin v Lane debacle

***A Lesson Learned


“Lots of blood….. which I prefer”

Right about here is where Kerodin really starts to lose his grip on reality.

***So now Sammy’s advocating killing your own children…

*****Sammy needs to seriously work on his IFF protocols

***SJWs In Our Midst

*Stay Classy, Kerodin

25 Rules of Disinformation – Kerodin’s playbook

And I wake up to this:

***Does the name Rayda Yearout mean anything to you?